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Reform Michigan Now Petition. (Deform ??)

Reform Michigan Now Petition.

The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing. You can find almost anything your heart desires on it. EXCEPT the exact wording of a petition going around simply titled
Initiative petition Amendment to the Constitution. Reform Michigan Government Now is purported to be behind it. Nick at Right Michigan has been keeping a running drumbeat going about it. His site seems to have taken the lead in exposing this piece of political skullduggery.
Nick the purveyor of the site helps to clarify the issue.
The RMGN Nick refers to is Reform Michigan Government Now. I finally found a photo copy of the thing which is around 14 pages of fine print. It is all printed on one sheet of paper as a map for example is. You have to unfold it a bunch of times to see it all. The print was way too small to read without the help of a magnifying glass. I’m serious about that. I copied off the pages took them down and had each one blown up really large. The special paper was about twice the size of a normal sheet. (just for one page there were 11) It had to be that large to be able to read the print. Still the print is small and the lines are long and hard to read. BUT I have one of the readable copies in existence. I’ve been reading and researching it for a week now.

Just a thought, next time someone approaches you to sign something they claim will save the government money or shrink the government or cut the money we pay our representatives. Ask them to let you read it. I asked once and he wouldn’t let me, said he didn’t have the time. I asked him why he was in a hurry and he said he gets $1.50 per signature. He also in the same breath complained that in GR they were giving out $2.00 per signature. I then said what about the changes in the redistricting plan in Article IV, he said he didn’t know but he had to run.

I’m older so he didn’t tell me that it also allows 18 year olds to vote.

It also cuts the number of state legislators in the House and Senate, cuts their pay too. Claims it’s a good thing. I think that instead of cutting the only leverage voters have with what the government does ( our elected representatives) Maybe we should cut the number of government workers. The reason of saving money is not very credible. The reason that they can do less harm doesn’t hold water either. It just means that there will be fewer legislators to try to come up with policy. A judge in the following article’s link said it better.
The article is good, I lifted the following as pertinent to what I was saying.
-----snippet from the above link-----
Michael Nye, Chief Probate Judge at the Hillsdale Circuit Court, said the proposal raises the question of when voters should stop cutting back on the number of judges. If five judges work more efficiently than seven, that logic might lead to handing all the power to one judge eventually.

Nye said he didn’t trust the reductions in the number of legislators, either.

“By decreasing the number of senators and the number of representatives, what you’re actually doing is cutting back representation for the people,” he said.


I was googling to find a readable copy and ran across a liberal blog that was posted just after they found out about the petition from a friend. They were pretty righteous in their derision of it because they thought it was a Republican trick. How evil and unfair the Republicans are for trying to do such a thing. They were thinking the Republicans were trying to pack the court and redistrict the state in their favor.
The comments were instructive as to how the liberal mind works. What they base their ideas on. Scroll through and read one here and there then see the last one. It’s last for a reason. Once the commenter mentioned this was a Democrat ploy. The comments stopped abruptly. You could of heard a pin drop. Lol Link to the last comment.
-----last comment on article-----
Joe Lukasiewicz bills himself as the leader of the Reform Michigan Government Now! ballot proposal (0.00 / 0)
Dianne Byrum,emerged Thursday as the spokeswoman for the group.
The measure was endorsed Thursday by Mark Brewer,chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party.
I edited out the user name.

That wins my OOOOOOOOOPS award of the day. Lol

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PS Stay tuned for more as I get it.

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