Monday, July 28, 2008


This article by the Washington Post, talks of how the issue of whether or not to Explore for more oil, is becoming a defining issue in the November election. The two sides are pretty well defined on both sides. The differences are becoming clearer with each passing day. It is becoming clear which party is trying to use common sense practical methods to get us out of this energy dependence. The party that wants to do something now to lower gas prices, so we as a country will have the where with all to fight to longer battle ahead rebuilding our energy infrastructure to wean us off of oil Dependence. “Energy Freedom”
Again the Republican Leadership in the House and Senate has heard the call from “bottom up”, the call of the people and is leading the charge.

I have been blogging like crazy in support of House + Senate Republican efforts to try to force Pelosi and Reid to allow simple debate and or vote on the myriad of Energy bills being held in Committee by them.

I feel that this issue draws into focus the stark contrast between the two Parties in the upcoming election. The Polls show a large majority of Americans favor more exploration as a necessary part of the energy solution.

Keep in mind that the Republican solution as in John Boehner’s “All of the Above” or Mitch McConnell’s “drill more, use less", all have at their core the common sense idea of using what we have at hand as a bridge to allow us the time and capital to wean us off of our oil dependency.

To be able as a country to do all that will be necessary to allow us to wean ourselves off of our dependency on oil, we need time. We need to stop this inflationary surge by cutting it off at the root. Increase Supply. The Republican approach of using what we have at hand to bridge the gap, just makes sense. While the Democrat response is that it will take too long by drilling and exploration to effect gas prices. Somehow they never seem to say how long it will take to lower gas prices by using their idea of not drilling.

President Reagan fought and won the Cold War, from a position of strength. The Republicans believe that we can win this Energy War in the same manner. Let us the weapons we have at hand with gusto to fight the speculators on Wall St. and OPEC through lowering the price of gas by expanded exploration and through more conservation. Our enemy is not only speculators and OPEFC etc but what they cause due to our lack of supply. Inflation fueled by rising gas prices is the real villain. By give the people more spendable money for things they want and need by lowering the prices at the pump this will give our government more muscle to help begin serious programs to develop other forms of energy.

We will need the breathing room to help us more efficiently decide which of the many paths to take towards the path of Energy Independence.

I do not believe the Democrat plan of giving away taxpayer money to everyone to help cover rising gas costs, then raising the taxes on the producers, and forcing more regulation upon them will do anything to help us lower gas prices or gain any political or financial power to set up and make happen what both parties want. Energy Independence.

Lower gas prices will affect all of our consumer products across the board. We have seen the jumps in nearly all areas from the higher prices, well the opposite will happen when we force the price of gas down. Think of the positive power that will create. The idea that people can use the government to help them and not the other way around.

The Ponzi scheme of ever raising taxes on those who earn a living and produce in this country so the government can fund it’s continual growth is becoming apparent to the public. And they want an alternative. The Republican Party is in a position to give them one. I hope we realize this now and present a united front come election time.

If the Democrat Leadership is serious about doing something they should be willing to at least not be afraid to debate the issue, let alone vote on it. The people are getting tired of politics as usual.

To fight this “Energy War” as Reagan did with the Russians we need to fight it economically. We have to financially strangle inflation by unleashing the free enterprise of this country and flood the market with our own domestic oil. When we do that we begin to win this war. By doing that we will refind our strength as citizens we will see what is possible, what we can do. Then we can with pride change our method of powering our lives for the better.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Please see my side bar under Old stand by Links for links to Boehner and McConnell, and Dan Burton, and Tim Walberg, and Newt Gingrich. I believe this issue will not be easily swept under the rug and our leaders need all the moral support we can give them to help keep this in the forefront. I will be setting up a separate side bar with Energy links to that effect.

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