Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Conservative Responsibility (Duty Mandate)

As Congress reaches the tipping point in favor of the Liberal agenda --- no I won’t bore you with the rhetoric. The people have spoken as loud as they can about the corruption of the democratic process and let us know their faith in the conducting of their business by “elected” representatives has reached an all time low.

The voters know that old saying in their hearts about power corrupting and the more power is concentrated the more it corrupts. Even before the new governing majority can get its feet wet, nay before they are even in office there is an abundance of pessimism about their ability to actually change anything for the better.

The voters are coming more and more to the conclusion that there is little difference between the two parties and an ever increasing divide between the classes. Talk about wedge issues. This class warfare can lead in our ever increasingly insecure society to anarchy.

Without any difference between the major parties in their philosophy of governing, there is little reason for the voters to vote, except for personality traits in individual candidates.

History is ripe with societies that have relied on putting their trust in individuals. Examples from Ghengis Kahn thru Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot come to mind. Few benevolent ones come to mind. These leaders corrupted or totally reinvented their “parties” to fit themselves then their country and eventually tried to remake the world in their image. It should be the other way around.

The responsibility, nay our duty we Conservatives face is to offer a true choice to voters. A real difference in a governing platform. We did that and won with that once but couldn’t keep our philosophy intact. We soon became just another rubber stamp for the bureaucratic behemoth we call government.

Conservatives have the responsibility to offer a way out of this morass. We have to get rid of the deadwood, the ones without any Conservative convictions, the “election time candidates”. Then quit our childish bickering and get to work. We need to continually ask our selves. How can we govern better. We need to define better as to how can we better help our citizens obtain the necessary freedom to choose how they want to live their lives, how can we govern to help them achieve their liberty and how can we govern to help them gain the necessary freedom to pursue their happiness?

Yes this includes getting rid of a lot of unnecessary regulations. Yes this means getting rid of unnecessary programs. But before any of that we need to get true to our convictions. Then we need to start at the bottom and begin instituting local programs and events that proclaim louder than rhetoric our goals and philosophy.

Of course we need to let people know who we are when we are doing this but we need not hit them over the head with it. Just let our actions speak for themselves.

Mainly we should focus on helping people help themselves. I know that sounds almost as old fashioned as love thy neighbor; perhaps this could be the new “retro” thought 2 years from now. Could just be the new saying on a protest sign from a pissed off youth as they see their future has been bankrupted by liberals.

We need an ironclad philosophy to help drive us to power in the upcoming elections. Not more of the wishy washy poll driven garbage of our recent elections. People still love to see an underdog rise up, they just hate to back them until they are on the rise. We need to do the work I’ve talked about above to get on the rise again. We need not find another rock star politician as much as we need proof positive that our common sense ideas are real, that they work, and that we offer a difference.

Our mandate was given to us by the people that didn’t vote this time and the ones who changed their vote to the other side. That mandate is simple. We have the mandate from the people to issue in an age of “Iindividual Freedom”.

Do you not think that if we offered a way to let Individual Freedom Ring people wouldn't follow?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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