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The Bennefit of Stubborness. The Cost of Unity.

The Bennefit of Stubborness. The Cost of Unity. The same thing?

The Democrat party hierarchy is trying to pin the Obstructionist label on the Republicans. In the Senate the Republicans were able to band together with enough Democrats to stop the Democrat Leaderships attempt to not allow debate on the Omnibus Bill.

Though this only slowed the Liberal deficit tsunami for five days, the die was cast. The cracks in the Dam were widening.

I guess Pelosi too learned her lesson and stopped short this time from having Reid turn off the lights in the Senate as she so infamously did during the “Drill Hear, Drill Now” domestic oil debate or debacle. Instead, the Democrat leadership through the well documented coordination of the Administration immediately sent out the attack dogs. That was of course after she had a hissey fit with Sen. Reid behind closed doors.

The following quote comes from a CBS news article
That led to an “ugly” late-night, closed-door meeting between Reid, Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) - aides in the hall heard yelling and swearing - and it has fanned House Democrats’ anger over Reid’s inability to move bills without granting major concessions to marginal members of both parties
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(Rahm Rahm ree, kick em in the knee; Rahm Rahm rass, kick em in the other knee)

All of this time and effort by the Liberal Leadership to stifle debate is being done in the name of "Unity" and the "Common Good". People are beginning to wonder if the "Common Good" may be better served if all those efforts were being directed to the real problems we face.

Through the obstructionism of the Republicans under the House Leadership of John Boehner, Cantor and Price the gauntlet was literally thrown down. (See video clips on the top of my side bar). Although the bill passed through the House, the cracks caused by Boehner’s mighty gauntlet were starting to open up. The Senate Republicans with the help of some Democrats was able to turn back the effort to stop debate of the bill. The threat of cloture was defeated by the narrowest of margins. One vote. While that merely caused a delay, the divisions within the Senate were then being given the room they needed to at least debate within themselves.

Senators now from both parties are being allowed to do their job. They are at least being given a chance to read the bill. Some are not liking what they see. Some don't like the Administration's math.

Because of this, the public as well as the Senators are getting a better chance to see what is actually in this bill before it becomes law and not after. What a novel concept. All of those things that everybody campaigned for like Transparency in government, Earmarks, wasteful spending now have more of a chance to come into play.

Most importantly through a public debate the people of this country will have a chance to participate through their representatives. The benefit of Obstructionism in this case is the empowerment of individual freedom. The benefit of that Individual Freedom is to allow open debate of the issues which will create a better bill which will be a real benefit to the "Common Good".

While I realize that there will be little debate because of Cloture, there will be and has been far more “public” debate than what was anticipated. So forgive me for sounding too na├»ve and optimistic. Tea Parties anyone?


I link below a perfect example of that debate in action. Remember none of this would have happened without the stubborn "Obstructionist" opposition. Next time I hear Boehner or Price or Cantor being attacked and called names, if I only smile to myself I will feel ashamed. If I stand up and watch their back, I may feel a little more justified in talking the talk. In asking people to do as I say, I will feel more content because I will have done as I say.


In this article Conrad a Democrat said the following
“Here’s the God’s truth. We are on a course that, under any construct, ... is absolutely unsustainable

The whole media thing too is really becoming obvious. I remember all the headlines when John McCain revolted on the Republican side against some of the Republican policies. Do you? The media put him up on a pedestal, they revered him as a maverick, as a man of integrity with the courage of his convictions. Those who were with him were painted in equally glowing terms. Remember the “Gang of 14”? This time the press is a little slower off the mark glorifying those “Maverick” Democrats that vote against the Liberal Leadership.

In other words, we cannot expect to get the benefit of Individual Freedom from putting up barriers to it for the sake of "Unity".

The benefit of stubbornness and the cost of "Unity" are the same thing. Individual Freedom.

It is by expressing our Individual Freedom that the common good is enhanced. Not by giving up our Individual Freedom by blindly falling in step for the sake of "Unity". A government that tries to muzzle the minority is not enhancing Individual Freedom; but trying to take it away.

Only when Individual Freedom is not muzzled does the word “Common” in the term "Common Good" take on a special meaning.

It’s true meaning.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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