Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tedisco's "Real" Big day is Wed.

Tedisco slips but still holds narrow lead in NY 20.

The Newsmax article linked below is the best yet as far as facts and reasons for the up and down of the vote count. It also explains the Absentee Ballot issue and dates and the differences between military and the normal Abs and the reason for the difference for the dates.


The article made it sound like the Dem. Gained 80 votes total from both counties canvasses. That is technically correct. The big news is that Tedisco was behind before the canvass and after the first county canvass he regained the lead with 71 votes to spare. With the second canvass the Dem took back 54 of those votes. But Tedisco still leads by 17.

Bottom line is that tomorrow the vast majority of the 6000 some odd AB will begin to be counted. Then the smaller amount of Overseas ballots will start to be counted come April 13th. The canvassing of two counties is not completed either and that should happen any day according to the NewsMax article.

I still stand behind my take on what this says about this being a referendum of the Democrats and their national agenda.


Updates as they happen.

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