Friday, May 15, 2009

A Civil Right ---- Saving Money.

Hey I’m just a blogger clinging with one hand to the idea of common sense and accountability. Hey I know, but I do have two hands and I can multi task; with the other hand you know what I’m clinging to. If you can’t figure it out, just ask any Liberal.

I'd like to give that "Civil Right" to the Government.Force it on them if need be.

I came up with a platform I would run on if I ran as President of the US, or Governor of my state of Michigan for that matter.

1. The money allocated to a program or Department need not all be spent.

2. I will set up a program rewarding and publicizing those departments and specific individuals that do not spend all their money.

3. I will set up a completely transparent fund in which to place all the money saved.

4. I will reward departments upon results based on actual performance.

5. Those departments and individuals that make the most efficient use of and that save taxpayers money will be singled out and rewarded by promotion, and their departments in the future will be looked upon as worthy of funding. This process will be completely transparent for all with a computer to see. Those individuals and department that can’t won’t be rewarded
6. I will fire and trim departments where I can legally and I will stretch that limit to my limits as President, where I can’t I will let attrition and shame do the rest of the job.

7. Every two year election cycle I will put on the ballot an initiative asking voter’s whether that money saved should go to pay off the deficit or be mailed back to the taxpayers.

Well like I said I’m just a blogger. Imagine some elected official in America trying to control an unelected bureaucrat, especially when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money. How naïve I am. I would only be President and we all have seen from Kennedy to Bush that a President can only nudge a Bureaucracy.

I guess I just get tired of funding things like “Airports to almost Nowhere”. Especially for the likes of "Let's Make a Deal" Murtha.


The new money going to this airport is only $800,000 for repaving an alternative runway. This airport has only 6 incoming and outgoing flights a day. I guess the alternative runway needs repaving through lack of use. Like I said so what it’s only $800,000, but if we read further in the article it points out the $8 million for a new radar and tower given them in 2004 that has never been used, altogether the airport received $150 million.

I think if you elect me president and we instituted our fat collector fund, maybe our “Airports to almost Nowhere” and “Bridges for almost no one” wouldn’t cost so much, might even (gasp) be seen as not needed. Imagine the audacity that in America someone would actually be rewarded for spending someone else’s money wisely and even in radically extreme cases returning it. Imagine if John Lennon was still alive, “Imagine” a bureaucracy in charge of saving money.

I’d be shot before the primary was over. Lol Hell, the pork producers would boil me in their excess and feather me with the stuffing of people’s mattresses as they rip them apart trying to find the last of the people's money.

And they wonder why I still cling to you know what.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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