Monday, August 24, 2009

The History of Political Correctness

The History of Politically Correctness.

Ever wonder about if and or why the Main Stream Media is slanted with a liberal twist. Ever wonder if it is deliberate or not. Well here is a link to PJTV of a video by Bill Whittle that shows some facts for a change. Watch it, it’s good. Finally see the face of the White Racist toting the assault rifle talked about on the MSM. See for yourself. See above.


Mr. Whittle explains about Critical Theory and how hard it is to fight and how easy it is to use.
It is easy to use because it does not give solutions, it only criticizes. To take this further and apply it to the national scene today we see the failing or fatal flaw of the theory.

The failing is that once in power there is nothing about what to actually do to run a country. If you manage to actually tear down the institutions and individuals that have made this country great, what do you have left. It was done in Russia, what they had left were no innovative thinkers, no more rich people to tax because the state took all the money. They couldn’t tax themselves. They had a bankrupt country with workers being forced to work with no way out through the hope of free enterprise or free elections.

The electorate of America is fed up with being made fun of for creating and sustaining the world’s best country for political reasons. They are fed up with their money being taken for ever multiplying political reasons. We’ve had enough BS and want some facts. We can now get those facts through the internet. The backlash to this PC drivel is beginning. If Churchill were here he would say/ “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

As I would say, we will Make Do with what we have and we will Make it Now, and we will Make it Work. I might add --- while we are still free enough to do so.

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