Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sea Change

Sea Change in Democrat Soul.

The Democrat party was supposed to be about helping the little guy against “Big” business and anything else big you could think of. Big business, big Pharmaceutical Companies, Big Government, Big Medicine. They have ridden that horse into the ground and have come out fighting for what they had claimed to fight against. Now some “outriders” from the Republican Party are trying to make inroads into their support from the “little people”, us the American People.

I call this group “Outriders” of the Republican Party because these small groups and individuals are the ones on the ground and in the trenches. They are riding ahead and scouting the way and fighting small skirmishes. They are the ones who not only have figured out that the Democrats have forgotten their little people; but have increasingly taken positions which do not favor them and in fact harm them.

For example, they ask what has public ed done for the inner city youth? Why do the Democrats fight so hard against alternatives? It is becoming apparent to more and more “little people”; in this as in all their other positions that the unions of the teachers and workers in the schools are more important than the students. The money flowing from Washington and the state Capitols is the important factor. These fringe GOP leaning groups have started coming up with ways and ideas that the “little people” favor – ways and language that they understand and believe in. These groups are finding ways to commune with America again.

People still believe in themselves and we need to talk to that. If our little children are getting bullied and made fun of for studying and trying to get ahead and being brainwashed with political nonsense from either side, why don’t we have the right to try any other alternative we can come up with?

Ronald Reagan was once characterized elegantly by Miterand the French Premier as told by Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in this way. “Reagan is not so much a Great Communicator (although he is), as someone who is in communion with the American People.”
Mulroney went on to elaborate. “Great Communicator indicates that you are preaching to or at an audience. When you’re in communion with your audience it means you’re presence is so persuasive and your arguments so well marshaled that your audience is part of them.”

That last part reminded me of Margaret Thatcher who said, and I paraphrase, you must first win the argument to win the election.

Perhaps by President Obama being such a “Great Communicator”; Republicans have a chance to get back in “Communion” with the audience – with the American People. Perhaps we can win the argument.

Bloomberg wrote an excellent article about how things really work in Big Government, how they work and are paid for in the Obama administration. The piece was written by Timothy J. Burger.


Patronage and favor granting are a part of all administrations; some more so maybe than others. But to use that as an excuse for more and more of it is like saying everybody has an evil streak so evil is all right. We should recognize something for what it is; whether it is evil or patronage and try to limit it and fight it. We need to ever be vigilant.

It may be the necessary grease that makes the government work, but too much grease will soon rot the wagons wheels. Here is a novel approach that all will understand. Start taking some of the load off the wagon of government, and you’ll get less need for grease and less rot.

Reagan learned from the people from his years in the wilderness by going out and talking with them. Over and Over and Over. Luckily his job was doing just that. He immersed himself in trying to connect with them. Not in trying to manipulate them. At his core Reagan had values and principles from the Midwest. Through this on the job training he learned how to listen to his audience and put his beliefs into words all could understand. Again more of a Communion than a Communication. The Republican Party needs to start backing these “Outrider” groups, but more than that they have to start to try to understand them; just as they must the American People.

Will the Republicans win in 2010 and 2012 by trying to be even more Big government or more Big business than the Democrats are now? Is that even possible? Or can we win by becoming what the Democrats claimed to be in the last century; a voice of the people. We need to become a voice for the average person trying to start up a small business for example or a parent trying to get his child out of a failing and hurtful school. We need to really try to help them. We need to listen and honestly work to that end. How need to champion their dreams and not a bureaucratic dream of stricter and costlier rules and regulations that will stop Americans from even trying?

We need to fix the infrastructure to be user friendly.

The Democrats had theirs. We as Republicans now too need a Sea Change of our soul.

No time like the present.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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