Monday, December 7, 2009

Nature Abhors a Vaccum

Wow. The Rumor is Confirmed.

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For awhile now I have been saying to anyone who will listen in the Republican Party that there is“Angst” out there and the Party needs to come up with policies, programs and candidates that reflect that. I started back in July of 08 with the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” protest along the lines of Newt Gingrich Petition that ended up with 1.5 million signatures. July of that year I and a couple others had a march/protest in downtown Muskegon. The success of Newt’s petition came out of the anger - the sleeping bear was waking up.

Then the “Sleeping Bear” growled again except louder at the “Tea Party” rallies. The Angst heard in that growl from the Silent Majority made it clear that the Silent Majority was becoming Silent No More.

While I see some signs of the State Party trying to figure out how to “manipulate” this “Angst”, they might find by their top down attitude (try condescending attitude) is too little too late and unless more substantive will create the opposite effect they were looking for.

There are groups out there that are gathering up Precinct Delegates and will try to make a run at the party. These groups are serious and are also critiquing and vetting candidates. They do have foot soldiers out there. The groups are varied and many and the number of volunteers is uncertain but with larger issues and resonant policies the candidates they choose, as in NY 23 have proven themselves to be formidable.

One thing the Founders believed in was that the “Sleeping Bear” or common man was not stupid in their combined wisdom. For awhile now this Bear has sensed danger and has been hoping others will lead the way for him to do something that will turn this mess around. The Republican Party promised to do that, but after Big Government (Big Power) corrupted them they quit the fight. The Bear sensed this -- the Party lost. In its misery the Bear began to strectch is muscles and lately is extending its claws. It is deciding to do it on its own.

The angst is complicated yet simple. Anti Big anything is at its core. They’ve had enough of Big Everything telling them what to do. They are finding and using what freedom is still left in this country and trying to find ways to use that freedom to resurrect those other freedoms that have been buried and long forgotten.

Big Parties rank right up there with Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government.

What is this Angst? A Lion of Conservative thought in 2008 wrote a book that sums it up. “Leave Us Alone” His name is Grover G. Norquist. “Leave Us Alone” as Robert Novak wrote of the book and its title, “ a clarion call in the political wilderness”

That Clarion call was used by the Pilgrims when they left England and sailed to America. That same call was heard among the settlers moving west; by anyone who believes in limited government including the Writers of our Constitution. By anyone who values individual freedom - that individuals count.

I believe that call is what is driving the Tea Party movement. Make no mistake this is becoming a movement. I have seen directly on the local level not just people on the corner holding signs, but organized interest groups sitting down privately with candidates and grilling them with tough questions. They are reaching out to all candidates in all parties. A Political arm of the Tea Party is I Caucus which is in the business of not forming a 3rd party but of taking over the RNC from the bottom up. They are not just talking as I said; they are doing this in a systematic way through candidate training and support and getting Precinct Delegates elected.

This is all stuff the local state and national party should be doing but isn’t.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and that is what the National Party on down has left those who were in the Conservative Coalition. In the Parties haste to have a big tent it has alienated the base by its lack of support which gave the party its definition.

The “Tea Party Movement” has been formed of the most active of the coalition from groups who were forced to go on their own apart from the Party like Citizens for Traditional Values, and the Americans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity and now I Caucus. In other words those who have any passion left. All these activists who were welcomed under the Reagan Party now are gathering again and making alliances that better reflect the population as a whole than the Republican party currently does. The National and State Party should be happy that they are still knocking on their door.

Mr. Steele and Wiser should do more than placate and manipulate this angst in their condescending ways. They should try listening then try to help and facillate that gathering of the angst; if they don’t (as they are finding out) it will be turned against them.

If the Leaders of the Republican party really see the danger of a 3rd party to them then they should truly seek to be a party that encourages not placates those uppity conservatives.

Above all else the party needs to shed its sheep clothing, its stodgy, de-tusked, head drooped symbol. We need some crisp clean policies with the new image that differentiate us from the Liberals. We have to start acting like we can do things and are willing to take the lead in getting things turned around.

As in Nature what comes smashing in to fill the Political void is sharp fast and hard. Ask the O about that. He filled their void with a messiah figure; we have a chance to fill ours with and ideal. By We The People. Which do you think will win an election?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "leave Us Alone". I have made that statement repeatedly over the past year. How odd is it that those who just quite honestly want to lead their own lives in freedom are having to muster in force to maintain their liberty. I also say it is hard to stay angry 24 hours a day but we are working on it with this administration in power. This is not just passion but a fight for our very beings. Do not expect any of these folks to go peacably into the night - they are either going to win or they are going to go down fighting all the way. I can also tell you from personal experience that they are all in it for the long haul - with plans that are stretching out for over ten years and some with hundred years or more. That is not to say they are not concentrating on the 2010 elections - just that they understand it doesn't end there. They will expet - if they win - for those elected officials not only to set things right but also to extract retribution and restitution from those who have undercut the Constitution. That would mena that some of the big statist names who have been living off from lies and scares should be worried - very worried - particularly those that have enriched themselves based on falsehoods such as Al gore or John Murtha.

live dangerously said...

Yup-I'm reading the book titled Leave Us Alone by Grover Norquist.
As far as plans, it is all about individuals, they may be led but it is the boots on the ground that matter. ie the individual voter. A party whether it is Dem or Rep or Tea will win if they lead as a reflection of those people, and not inspite of.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative