Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Money Ain't Everything

Money ain’t everything.

Neither is political experience and support of your national party.

Those two things now and in the future are being moved out of the number one priority of a campaign, what that money and the political power of the “political class” tries to buy is jumping into the number one spot.

What the “political class” tries to buy in their minds is the votes of the unwashed electorate.

When the unwashed electorate rises up and demands the respect they deserve – the respect the founders of this country gave it – then the power brokers see the upsets like we have seen since the special elections presaging the 2010 elections where simple common sense outweighed the money and power of the political elite.

When we the people came out to vote, not for slogans but for the better candidate. Not for the slickest ad but for the candidate with common sense, integrity and honor.
That is what Democrat David Weprin found out to his dismay.

He received money from Democrat national Organizations to the amount of $600,000 .
Neither did the money and “fame” he received from backers of the liberal left help him win. Nancy Pelosi gave him the $5,000 maximum allowable by law and threw in another $2,000 from her campaign war chest.
Also notice from the article that Democrat Weprin’s donations of under $200 amounted to only 2% of his total. Compare that to Turner receiving 18% from small time donors. In respect for full disclosure, I was one of those “really” small time investors.

Nor did Turner get more from PACs, which let’s face it is the epitome of “political class” power. The Democrat Weprin received over 25 times more money from PACs than Bob Turner.

Neither did Bill Clinton and his robo calls help stem the tide. Nor did President Obama’s mailings help stem the bloodletting.

Nor did the vaunted but rusty Democrat machine in NYC. Their voters didn’t bother to vote or if they did were likely to vote for the Republican out of self defense against an Obama backing Liberal like Weprin, and a party backing the shameful actions of the disgraced Weiner.

What mattered was the 50-100 volunteer which at any one time were hitting the bricks going door to door or making phone calls – constantly for the few short weeks of this special election. Added to this, what helped more was that like their candidate they were working for; these citizen soldiers were not being paid. They and their candidate were not of the political class.

They were of by and for the People. Only in this way can the great American experiment in self governance remain a shining example of government being run – of by and for the People.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

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