Saturday, May 3, 2008


The Internet and Freedom go hand in hand.
A Free marketplace starts with room for free ideas The internet provides that room. It’s a market place for ideas. Some bad some good but what a selection!!! Our responsibility as consumers of these ideas is to pick the ideas that are good for us. Like any other tool, if used wrongly it can subvert the good. The link below is a shining example of some people who are using it in a useful and creative way. I applaud them. If others don’t like it don’t sign the petition, or start your own.
Wow. Is the tide turning out there in grass root land. Took the following off of The Drudge Report.
These people are great. The pie chart showing that the numbers of home owners and renters are about equal was striking to me. The videos were great. I’m signing, not because I’m a renter, I’m not. Nor because I need to be bailed out. I already lost my house through foreclosure 2 years ago. I’m signing because it is the right thing to do.
------Like everyone else, I’ve been walking around complaining about how unfair it is to bail out the people who make bad choices, and the banks that got too greedy. I thought the bail out was just another form of enabling bad behavior. What could I do? That’s just the way it was I thought, especially during an election year. Or so I thought. The least I can do to make up for my lack of energy and bad logic is to sign. Lol
------I certainly hope that John McCain who claims he is a conservative gets behind this type of thing or at least acknowledges it.
------I’ve written before about the pent up frustration that the majority of people have in regards to the lack of real solutions that government has come up with, especially after making such wonderful promises.
------I’ve also written about the idea that the tide is turning overseas also, and they seem to be ahead of us this time. They however are better able to see the real life effects of socialistic systems. France Germany and now (see link below) are voicing their frustration with big governments lack of problem solving by electing conservative parties.
------In the good ole US of A, I see that frustration bubbling up in candidates like Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee, and yes even from the other side Ralph Nader. This attitude if not addressed by either party after the election, will set the stage for a big move towards a Regan Revolution type of election in 4 years from now. Perhaps a 3rd party or a 4th.
The platform for that will be anything to cut the power of the government and it‘s size
------Not just big government either. Frustration comes from big anything. Big business is a mirror image of big government or better said the other way around.. What have "trimopolies", (my term) done for us other than cheaper prices. (cheaper products) How free is the market place in reality when I want to fix up my house my choice is to go to Home Depot, Lowes or Menards. The product selection is the same, I swear they have the same wholesale buyers. Lol.
Three cheers for those who are doing something about it.
Three cheers for the Internet
Three cheers for Freedom, with it we all have a chance.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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