Friday, May 2, 2008



Below is a link to “Nick” from the Detroit News. Graphic example of what happens when you don’t follow the rules. The “rule of mouth” gets followed instead of the “Rule of law”. The point is that nothing gets accomplished. The efforts of all those people were thwarted by one ego-maniac.
Ms. Conyer’s unassailable ego jumps out during the next clip when she unsuccessfully tries to debate school kids. What a joke. Another example of “Unconstrained Vision” unleashed. What we need is an educational system that doesn’t pooh pooh out- bursts like that but rather shuns them. Holds them in contempt. Not elect them to office!!
-----I am proud of the advances civilization has made over the millennia. From savages to millions of people living together, and moving forward. This has been accomplished through continually teaching the youth what we have accomplished and demanding that they carry forward and build upon what our civilization has accomplished. We have done this through education based upon learning history and political science along with all the current skills in math and the sciences as the first step in progress. By basing our educational system on achievement. The USA has risen to world dominance through our leadership in that type of education. Our teachers were underpaid, and our schools were smaller, more functional. Those two things alone may have played a part in our attaining educational excellence. There was a lack of money. The school boards were forced to work harder to pick the very best teachers, and get rid of those who weren’t the best. They needed teachers that would make do with what they had, and not waste time complaining about what they didn’t have. Gradually that power was taken away from the school boards and put in the hands of others. Ever try to fire a teacher? I haven’t, but I fire plumbers, mechanics, and carpenters if they don’t perform.
-----I am not proposing that we go back to those “olden” days. We simply can’t and wishing won’t make it so. What I am saying is that we can go back to the main driving force behind that successful model.---- Give the power back to the local school boards. They have a better chance to pursue achievement based goals than the National Unionized Model which has failed miserably. I know if I was sitting on my school board, and had children in the system, I would be pretty eager to make sure they were being taught social survival skills necessary to get ahead in the real world. Not necessarily worried about hurting someone’s feelings.
-----Below is a link to one of a rare breed who is fighting an impossible task in the Detroit area. All the cards are stacked against him. But he fights on and fight he does. Stroll through his site, check out Genesis. This guy is trying.
-----A man not afraid to say what he thinks. Example below.
“We can do the same here in Detroit except we have ghetto standards for educating our children. We have a ghetto mayor, ghetto city council, ghetto school board, ghetto State Representatives and ghetto State Senators and a ghetto teacher union. We deserve better.”
I think I “Live Dangerously” in Muskegon because of my political views! I think it’s a walk in the park compared to being a Conservative in Detroit. I applaud Akindele F. Akinyemi for his courage and obvious abilities.
-----NOW WHAT CAN I DO????-----
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.
ps. I just found this excellent article by George Will.Below is a Link to George Will'x article about education. That guy can get the point across. States pretty much my ideas but clearer in conception.


Anonymous said...

One thing you can do (other than keep up the excellent blog!) is to get your blog out to more people.

You provide some really insightful commentary and links.

Start sending out your blog to other bloggers and ask if they might add them to their blog roll.

Post some of your blog post to M-Live (Musk and GR).

E Saul and have him add your blog to his list.

Your blog is just too dang good!


live dangerously said...

Thanks GordoM.
Too old school to go begging. Will start though. I want to keep doing this. I really am enjoying this writing thing. lol
Regards, Live Dangerously