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David gets another Victory over Goliath

Irish Democracy Victorious Over EU Elitists

[ Daniel Hannan, a Conservative MEP, hailed the apparent rejection of the treaty as a "victory for Ireland and for Irish democracy". ]
That came from the following source.

I think that is great news. Is David still a match for Goliath?? My earlier thoughts about it were of a negative character. Those thoughts hinged on the assumption of who needs a larger government to head the already too large governments of the individual countries. On top of that under the proposal the new leader of the EU would not be an elected leader but rather an appointed one by the Commission which would be made up of far less members than the whole. Set up a new “EU Supreme court”.

Ireland had been making great strides in fixing their government by cutting business taxes, and other conservative reforms. The results have been astonishing. They have turned their country around and into a prosperous leader in business and their economy competes with the larger ones on the Continent.

Previously I found that there had been veiled threats by the EU as to what they would do about that with the new powers the new constitution would give the EU.
Threats that having the lowest tax rate in Europe was not a responsible thing in relation to the effect it would have on the other countries. Sound familiar? The tentacles of the collective reaching out to strangle individual initiative. If you don’t understand what I’m saying rent out the movie “Fountainhead”.

The article at the top of my post shows how the Conservatives who have been battling to get a referendum on the same thing in England have been buoyed in their efforts. A shadow cabinet member said the following about Liberal leader Brown and what he should do.
-----quote from the article-----
Grayling said that the referendum had killed off the treaty, adding: "It's certainly the case Gordon Brown should abandon the bill that's coming through the Lords at the moment and should commit to holding a treaty for the people in this country."
It’s the British way of saying that he wants a referendum. Then the last quote I’ll bracket from the article seems to come from a labor person agreeing. Poor Brown must find himself in a pickle. [Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT transport union, said that the constitution would have undermined the rights of working people to defend their jobs.
"The Irish referendum result is a massive victory for democracy and the constitution is now dead in the water, despite our own government's attempt to railroad it through without the referendum the British people were promised," said Crow.]

British Conservative leader David Cameron has been leading the charge to get the British Labor leader to let the British people vote on the treaty as he had promised on the other similar treaty.
In all the reports I hear from the opposition that it seems unfair that the little country of Ireland with such a small percentage of the European population could effect the whole by voting no. They seem to forget that they said that the treaty had to be passed by all the members. In the previous attempt at a constitution for the body in 2005 two countries voted no overwhelmingly and the attempt at that constitution was scuttled. The other countries passed the constitution in their legislatures. Same as now. The only three votes that were held all went down to defeat despite support from the media and the governmental apparatus. The people knew better. They will have to find a better way to stifle the voice of the people.

The Irony is that the new French leader Sarkozy ( a conservative) will become in July the head of the EU. The EU Presidency serves on a rotating basis. Sarkozy is a conservative. Perhaps he is more of a big government conservative. Check out the following link.
The big hope is that the British conservatives can force a vote on their end. It seems late in the game, but the voters seem to be waking up I think there is hope yet. From the “Bottom Up“, the EU looks like a bunch of elite bureaucrats. So say the voters in all elections they have had since it’s inception.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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