Sunday, June 15, 2008

Discharge Update

Tim Walberg’s “Discharge Petition” update 6/12/08
He now has 139 signatures. He needs 218 signatures to get to the magic number to bring the bill to the House floor for a vote. This would force house members to vote yes or no. This could be the leverage needed to get a bill passed that the majority leaders don’t want.
This is the same ploy Sen. McCain got the McCain Feingold bill unstuck in committee and passed. As I blogged about earlier this even if it is a losing battle is another little reminder that the Republicans are willing to do something about our problems vs. doing nothing. Again back to a guerilla type of publicity campaign.
The word is slowly bubbling up to the media Tim Walberg just did an interview with Investors Business Daily, Inc The link is below.
Couple this with Lynn Westmorland’s US House Petition for it’s members, and the discussion he and Tom Price and Dan Burton had on the subject after hours on the House floor on CSPAN is yet another reminder. We have to become the reality party, The party that can solve the problems with what is at hand. The old TV show MacGyver is how we should be attacking the problems that confront us not talking about how hard it will be or that if only we had this bill or that, MAKE DO, MAKE IT NOW, MAKE IT WORK. I know it’s a knock off of Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. But hey imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Below is a link to Dan Burton’s blog, explaining better his energy proposal, and part of what was talked about during the above after hours House discussion.

We need to face the facts that there are not any permanent solutions to the problems we face. Life is an ever changing work in progress. Never ending ever evolving. One solution will be fine today but bad for tomorrow. Let’s face it the guy who just invented the perfect buggy whip probably won’t become rich, and become a success.

If we have a problem let’s MacGyver it till we get a chance to properly solve it. Maybe we can learn something in the process of attempting to solve it. McCain did a MacGyver on the gas tax holiday. Another reminder we’re willing to do what we can not just talk about doing something.

It’s funny, since I’ve started blogging almost everything I see I can find something to blog about. I am learning lessons from life that would normally have passed me by. Today I watched an interview about this agnostic young Jewish liberal who decided to immerse himself in the bible for one year. He was to trying to do everything literally that the bible suggested. The dress the food, the commandments, the whole nine yards. He did this and wrote a book called “A Year Of Living Biblically” He of course remained an unbeliever. BUT he did say that the biggest thing he learned was that life worked differently, in effect in the opposite way from how he thought it worked. He said that he learned how by acting in a certain way changed his behavior. This liberal was shocked that he found the way he acted towards others and the way he thought was determined to a large part by the way he lived and acted. He had assumed that in order to change one would have to first make an effort of thought then go about trying to change. Instead of just doing something and that, the act of doing, would change how you think, and your subsequent behavior. He didn’t quite know what to think of that but he mumbled something about the latest cutting edge psychology or something. Like this was something new. To me it is just common sense. Perhaps he was given a little grace and as we all tend to think when we’re given that insight, something profound has happened. If you think about what I wrote in regards to that guy perhaps you can see how I tied that into MacGyver and Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work. I, we, the whole government system works best if we are allowed to learn as we go, learn from our mistakes. Do things in little parts, letting more of us share in the experience of the journey we call Freedom. Not wait until the perfect solution that fits everyone is found one that can be administered by just a few. Like they said back in the day, enjoy the journey, because once you’re there it’s over.

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Jon said...

Bob - wanted to let you know that Congressman Hoekstra signed the petition yesterday. thanks for bringing the issue up on your blog.

all the best,

Jon DeWitte
Hoekstra for Congress

live dangerously said...

Thanks for the Thanks but most of all let Pete know this constituent appreciates it.