Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smooth and passive??

Mona Charen had an excellent piece in the National Review showing in her own elegant way how Obama is in reality all that he is promising not to be.
I liked the line describing his voice, she nailed it
-----quote from article-------
And yes, he did say, “Sometimes during campaigns the rhetoric gets overheated and amplified.” But, oh, the way he employs the passive voice! It’s not that he pandered to or misled the voters. No, the rhetoric got overheated. Who else, I ask you, can so smoothly deploy the passive voice?
I guess what Obama said proves my point. I don’t remember him or his rhetoric getting what I would call overheated or amplified. In my neighborhood I know what amplified means. Also notice what he says about what he is saying in a campaign. He calls it rhetoric. I don’t think how much you stretch it what John McCain says would be called rhetoric. And anyway, how can you get angry at the voice how could you call that voice heated. For that matter I fail to see any real emotion. What can you call him? He does remind me of Bill Clinton in the way he weasels out of past statements so smoothly. But the shrewdness of Bill is missing the energy of Bill. What’s left is a blandness, a Carter like image, a something that is hard to dislike. Even his attempts at being one of the downtrodden doesn’t quite revitalize the image the Media is trying to paint. Seems a little cartoonish. More like a caricature that doesn’t quite catch the real person. A little too well done for the real thing.

Hey am I mistaken or has he been adding grey to his hair? Hey I shouldn’t complain look at those old peoples sun glasses McCain wears after all.

We all have noticed contradictions in his stated purpose of making politics into something other than usual. Well Hillary definitely brought out the Usualness in Barrack. Lol. In away, I was hoping the Hillary challenge would of brought out more of the less blandness or less passivity in him and his campaign.

I think that I like John McCain not so much in spite of but because of his faults. He is cranky and stubborn and let’s you know it if he believes in something. He is changing his mind on things way to often for politics, more like the way I live. He is even willing to speak the truth that he didn’t know as much about the economy as foreign policy. Imagine that he even said he’d have to study it. Can you imagine Barrack saying that? I mean with all of Barrack’s experience in Chicago politics he must know everything. Wonder why he shunned so many Senate votes. Well who am I to judge I have to study things to understand them. John McCain perhaps should never be on a stage but his policies should. Barrack belongs on the stage but not his programs. Maybe if he keeps up his blandness people will not find a reason to vote against him. Well except for his programs and promises.

I’m voting in this bland passive election not the least bland and passive, I'm looking for substance.

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