Sunday, June 15, 2008


Here We Go.

The internet is finally going the way of the Cable TV industry. Sounds like if they have their way, there will be a million packages to get on the internet to “ help the consumer save money” so they can only pay for what they use. Been there done that. See link below. This has been brewing for awhile. Now if the government could just find a better way to tax this freedom by the byte. Wow we could really save the world with all the new tax revenue. Look at the job we’re doing so far with government programs. Wonder how much it will cost us extra to hear the magic words. “YOU’VE GOT SNAIL MAIL”.
They are saying all the Cable like things. This won’t effect the average user. Yeah right.
Like the article said the hog now will be considered the average user in the future. The article is long but worth the read. What it lacks are any solutions.

I have some off the top of my head. Functional ?? I don’t know. Here goes. How about the government helping to build the infrastructure as they build roads. The worry would be to keep the government out of the actual business. “The Fairness Doctrine” springs to mind. How about charging the big users. The people making money off of this freedom. What about my freedom to post and write what I want. Isn’t there a difference between my type of posting vs. when I download a movie from Netflix? I’m a little conflicted on this one because my conservative ideas tell me a straight charge per use is fair. But that will certainly not be the case. As with all else, there will be breaks given here and there and the whole picture gets muddied up pretty quick. I would like to hear some other opinions on this. I think I will post on my other site about this . I’ll try to start calling local politicians as too any ideas they might have.

The main thing I want is to be able to keep what we have as far as the free flow of information at a reasonable price. I can do without free movies. I’ll rent what I want to see by the movie. I can do the same with the rest of the entertainment end. Do a pay per view type of thing. I don’t want nor do I think it wise to do the same with the flow of information. I don’t want to pay extra if I want to spend all day googling something I’m interested in as a citizen. The whole concept of Transparency in Government and Health Care would be set back by just the notion that maybe if I look up too much information about what my best choices are in hospitals or doctors, or how my legislator voted, I might be using more than the allotted gigs in my plan.

I look at it like Sales Tax in Michigan where I live. Food is not taxed because it is a necessity to live. All else is taxed accordingly. To me a small flat charge to seek out the information necessary to be an informed citizen is all that I should be charged. I even feel that more access through lower charges is needed for the gathering of such freedom insuring information. All the other entertainment functions, I have less of a problem with. How about the government providing the infrastructure in return for the low cost dissemination of the information. Let the Big Boys, make their money on the entertainment end.

I’m willing to go to the mat for this type of thing. I have an interest in this but it is not a vested interest. I make no money doing this.

Well that’s enough for now.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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