Thursday, November 20, 2008

YouTube - Citizentube Interview: David Cameron

Please click on the "Web Cameron" heading on the top right of the side bar before you start to read this post. It is a pleasant interactive experiance. (In my biased opinion), anyway give it a shot.

Below is a link to the It is an article about how David Cameron and his crew of Conservatives in Britain have decided to wage war against the Liberals and Gordon Brown. The ammunition they plan to use to fight this war is the Conservative idea that an unfettered Capitalism is the best weapon to use for reviving the economy.
Near the end of the article the author, Ian Martin sums up the battle quite nicely. He comes up with the idea that what is needed is a Conservative “Moral Compass”. I agree with his well put conclusion of what is at stake in this war. We in the USA are fighting the same war.
For there is more at stake than is apparent. Markets, and the idea that robust private enterprise are the best means of recovery, are under attack in what is becoming a global culture war against capitalism.
We in the USA could take a page out of Cameron’s book. Their party after all is making great progress and seems poised to capture the government in 2009 or 2010.

We need to reaffirm the Conservative mantra of Capitalism and the great strides it is capable of when free.

Listen to a down to earth Politician a Common Sense Conservative.

YouTube - Citizentube Interview: David Cameron

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