Monday, November 17, 2008

For The Sake Of The Children

Trickle Down Economics Liberal Style.

For the sake of our children the liberals tell us that we must raise taxes.

The effects of Liberal inspired economic polices of tax and spend are finally trickling down to the states and they will soon have to pass the trickle down to you and your wallet and finally to what you can afford to put under the Christmas tree for your children. That is if you are one of the few hard working minority left that actually make money by having a job or a business. Wish I had a picture of Barney Frank’s Christmas tree and all their presents. I don’t so this reminder of what is coming is linked below.
Heaven help you if you are successful enough to hire workers. That trickle may well turn into a full fledged break in the pipes that could put you out of business. If your are still stubborn enough about wanting to work for a living to try to get ahead, if you are attitude challenged in that way then you can be reeducated through the many government programs or just get up and leave the country. Take your business with you to a more friendly environment.

Next is an enlarged map from above of “deficit challenged” states
Now compare the above linked map and the election map in the next link. The Liberal States eerily tend to line up with the “budget challenged” ones.

The ULTIMATE BAILOUT is fast approaching.

Just as the Government has seen fit to “Bailout” the financial industry with your tax money, because it’s liberalized lending policies have failed. WE too will have to bail out the government for it‘s failed liberal policies.

You will not hear it called a “Bailout” but rather a necessary raising of taxes on those who make the most to help save the children. In other words just another round of raising taxes. Which as the case of higher business taxes in Michigan proves, will force business out of the state taking jobs (your job) with them.

Nationally business will have to continue moving out of the country, taking your jobs with them. But not you and your family. Before you blame Business, I would look to the government. Does it need all that money.

Do your kids need everything they ask for at Christmas? It may break our heart to not be able to give them everything, but we don’t because we are responsible people. We are also a people that understand common sense. We know that our children don’t need everything they want. If we can say no to our children, bringing a tear to our eyes, why is it so hard to tell the government the same thing? That does not bring any tears to my eyes.

I think it is about time we started doing just that.

For the sake of Our Children.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

2 comments: said...

Problem is, the folks sitting in those seats in Congress are the biggest children of all, temper tantrums and all.


live dangerously said...

What can I say. To run up against the status quo is like running up against a brick wall. To be able to do that I have to have an inner unshakable belief in what I'm trying to do. I have a long way to go to be able to learn how to publicly get that message across to the general public. I'm a terrible speaker.

BTW saw the Factor. Great job and Thanks for breaking that.

Regards, LD