Friday, November 14, 2008

Fire In The Belly

Without a President in Power to lead our party, we must go elsewhere to seek the guidance we need to present a united front against pretty overwhelming odds. That united front must be set up at the top. It should be united organizationally as well as the core message we represent. Following the party organizational set up, the leadership by default falls to the head of the Republican National Committee. Currently Mike Duncan. Is he the man for the job, should the RNC elect another? Should it be one of their own or an outsider.

Roger Simon at Politico wrote an insightful piece about that and sketched out an in-depth short article about what he could find out as to what the RNC might do. He also points out the structure of the RNC favors (as in most organizations) one of their own. This was an excellent article for the lay person such as myself.
I was sorry to read his pessimism as to Newt’s chances backed up with Newt’s near refusal to run. As my readers already know I think Newt Gingrich would make the ideal choice to run and rebuild the party. His essence seems to be as an organizer. My main reason is his experience in doing just that. He also has about the best web presence/experiance not to mention his TV presence/experience. That being said, he may be too visable whereas a Michael Steele would be less so and he does have experience in winning elections using a conservative message.

If Newt isn’t chosen, whoever is would do well to try to get Newt on board to run the web effort of the RNC, give him complete control whatever it takes. A little cooperation at the leadership level would be refreshing for all of us lowly types to see. Especially if it was aimed at benefiting us at the local level. “Facilitate” us, give us the tools to do our job. BTW Newt if you look at his website,
And spend some time there you will learn what he means by a Tri-partisan solution as Simon at Politico quoted.
. “However, my job as an American first is to develop a tri-partisan approach to developing solutions for the challenges we face. I use the word tri-partisan to designate the concept of attracting Democrats, Republicans, and independents to solutions that unify most Americans

Republican always claim to champion Free Enterprise, getting the top leadership (government) out of the way to let the volunteers (small free business’ ) try anything they want and let the success bubble up to the top. In other words get out of the way and only help (facilitate) the upward flow of on the ground fire tested good ideas coming from the volunteers up through the County and State.

I’m from Michigan and I cannot back the idea of Saul Anuiz as National Chair. I worked this election out of a smaller tier town that 4 years ago was a victory center, this time it wasn’t. I manned the County HQ the whole time. I went to all the County meetings, I saw no help coming from the state party other than a call center with one director and a staffer which wasn‘t even located in our HQ. It was located in a back room of a candidates office. It was as close to secret in appearance as you could get. That could have been a great visual aid in recruiting the hundreds of people walking into our headquarters. But alas. Other than constant emails I saw no other real effort to enlarge the base or make any significant efforts to gain volunteers and give them a network in which to flourish in. { On Saul’s behalf, he may well have been in the same boat at the state level as I was at the county level. Ie lack of the level above facilitating the lower level. I don’t know the facts, but I didn’t hear anything or complaints for a need to change so I fall back to my idea of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I didn’t get any outreach. Well the results in the last two election cycles seem to indicate that something is broke and a change is needed.

If we truly want Real Change, we need someone from outside the organization (RNC) with a track record of building a winning organization. There are plenty of candidates. The Governors convention recently highlighted a swarm of eager bright experienced young governors. The House and Senate has it’s share. These are people that have proven conservative records of making real commonsense solutions work in their states. These people are the future leaders of our party. We need now to pick an RNC leader who can talk their language. Someone who can fire up the base with our conservative message alone, to build the infrastructure for these up and comers to add their style and charisma so we can start to take back some of what we lost at the state level in 2010 then recapture it all in 2012.

We do this by gearing up an internet structure to organize on a National State County and Township and precinct level, so all are invested in the same goals, motivated by common principles.

This should be viewed as a war. As in any war troops on the ground are vital. I would of thought that the Surge proved that to us. The internet is there as a tool to help facilitate the gathering of volunteers. A means to get them on board in the first place. Secondly to show them how to meet locally with others, and thirdly how to make a difference in their community. We all need to cultivate that “fire in the belly” that is mandatory to any type of change from the status quo. That “fire in the belly” in an off election year comes best and most convincingly from our belief in our core beliefs as conservatives, that has already bubbled up and we need it to be proudly proclaimed at the top and I might add believed in at the top.

I think that can only be done by someone outside of the status quo, outside of the RNC, someone with a proven track record of winning elections.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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