Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gingrich vs Steele ???

Gingrich vs. Steele.

If this was a primary for who should run as President, I would pick Steele. This is not an us vs. them type of thing however. It is for leadership of our party. As a Conservative I see it as a no brainer. I would choose Newt in a heartbeat.

Newt has previously set up the mechanism of GOPAC and led it. He took that and drove the GOP to a governing majority. He failed when he caved into the compromise of the other leadership of his party.

I believe he has learned from his mistake. His wisdom on how to push the Conservative Core ideas is by far and away heads above any other public figure. Go to you tube and look at all his speeches. They are coherent and honest and on track. Above all you can not only understand clearly his points but you believe them. Below is a link that if you listen to the last 4 minutes you will see how he would attack the position, the passion he brings and inspires at least in me.
He will not just send out continuous thinly veiled pleas for money. He knows as well as any Republican around how to create web active excitement and especially involvement. Go to his site
In that site which he has had up for a long time and has constantly improved it, you will find the “Platform for America” which he polled for and created to try to help the GOP win the election. It wasn’t seriously followed. Look to the bottom of the web site and click “American Solutions” and you will get to see the interactive inclusive, core-principled site that it is. Also why I favor him.

Remember the 1.5 million signatures he got on line for his “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” campaign. Think also of how he gave the Republicans some back bone in the Congress and how Boehner remembered how to and became a leader again because of Newt and his energy campaign and how for the first time Pelosi's, Reed's and Obama’s feet were held to the fire forceing them at least temporarily to agree to do some drilling. He wasn’t in the House or Senate when he did that he was just a private citizen albeit an influential one who nearly stopped the government.

For those who may worry about his “Baggage”, Look at the John Dean who Republicans think of as a joke for a Presidential Candidate, but look what he has done to the Democrat Party. Compare the brain pans and imagine what Newt could do. BTW his "Real Change" is a blueprint for what he wants to happen. Read it.

My last point is that without any striking national figure out there on the horizon that will energize the party NOW, so we can start to recoup our losses come 2010, we need to fire up the base and bring new fresh thinking minds to the mix. Just plain expand the base driven by the excitement of our ideas and solutions. By concrete examples of our programs on a local level. Newt is a pro at taking our principles and finding solutions that work because of them and then knowing how to popularize those solutions.

He has been ever stead fast in his principles, yet ever changing in his approach according to the changing landscape. He is constantly learning and willing to always look at all ideas. He also admits when he is wrong.

I for one would feel really energized if Newt became leader of our party. I live in Mi. and another Core Conservative is running for State Republican Party Chair. Jack Hoogendyk.

This could be the silver lining in the cloud of the recent humiliating defeat at the polls especially in Mi. I’m almost giddy to think that I might start to get help in my local efforts at the precinct level from above instead of computer generated memos and lists, and nice sounding clich├ęd pleas for money. I’m not talking about getting money help, but idea and inspiration help to keep me working hard at it.

In my words, “I need some Facilitating going on here”

I pray that this will come to pass

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Newt You Tube Channel. 69 clips.

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