Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dick Morris, Sorry I missed seeing you in Muskegon Mi.

Dick Morris wrote a good article talking about the analysis of the election.
He points out that the youth vote didn’t materialize as expected and ,if I may put my take on his article; most of the excess of voter turnout was from the voter registration efforts of Acorn and the like. The higher African American turnout which was a couple points higher turned the tide.

Another interesting point Morris made was what we all knew, which was that 2.? % more Dems turned out and 2.?% Repubs stayed home.

His conclusion I will let speak for itself.
The message for conservatives is clear: The focus of Democrats on grass-roots activism, begun in 1998 by, was crucial to the Obama election.
Instead of relying on the Republican Party to carry the message to the electorate, conservatives must organize their own grassr-oots movements — like — and boost turnout and enthusiasm among those who share their worldview. The backbreaking tasks of registering voters and getting out the vote are key to winning elections in the post-media era.
My own conclusion is that we need to let into the party the other groups such as he mentioned; and any others that are willing to do the “backbreaking tasks of registering voters and getting out the vote…..” We must at least get out of their way and at best the regular party apparatus should “facilitate” those efforts as much as possible. Is cooperation too big a concept to handle?

He concludes that the following.
Today, new groups must move to the fore to fill the void. And they better do it fast!

I for one as un-humble and ego driven as it sounds am going to try to do just that. I hope my party doesn’t fight me every inch of the way. I would love to see “some facilitating going on”.

Below is the link to The National Republican Trust. Or
Indeed their job isn’t done. If we help them their work is just beginning. I quote them now. “We must start rebuilding the Republican Party today.” The old tried and true ways have failed in 2006 and 2008. A little tweaking we don’t need. A major reshaping we do.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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Hard work goes a long freaking ways.

Glad you're on our side!


live dangerously said...

ditto that
Regards LD

Trying to find time to set up a camera and do some interviews.
That could really be fun and add some of that enthusiam I've been talking about to our effort.