Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peace of Mind and Common Sense With a Sense of Humor

As I’ve said in the past, I’m a political nut. I love the interplay between people with different ideas. I love that I can make some difference in the outcome by DOING something on the local level. Seems like the usage vs. the talking of that freedom encourages me more and reminds others of that freedom which they too have. More importantly by using that freedom always reminds me that to keep it I have to use it.

I just read an article by Bill Murchison
I put his book on my wish list. The article has a lot of points I agree with. I too agree that we lost and we need to quickly move on. While we have to look at the reasons why, we need not get lost or bogged down in the details and the blame game. The “vinegar Joe” quote was great.

We need also I think to look at what worked. Look to counties that prevailed and what they did, and more importantly why they succeeded. Right Michigan highlighted one such case in Livingston County. Below is Right Michigan’s link then a link to the “Suburban Voice”
If you think the Dems haven’t made inroads in Mi. the maps on their site put it bluntly. I conclude that the Livingston County group managed to get their base out to vote through some protracted and extensive volunteer efforts. I will contact them and see if I can figure out specifically how they did it. As the Murchison article implied we can and should learn from our mistakes.

I quote the last part of Muchison.
First come the things of the heart, and the conscience.
7. Laugh anyway. A sense of joy in the face of the worst is the conservative secret weapon. Leave anger to liberals, who rarely get a joke not directed at Bush. They'll go nuts. And you'll laugh even more.
I think that we need to work on our message and hence on ourselves. Once we are sure of our message then we have the inner peace to be able to face the pogo stick efforts of the Dems with a smile, as Murchison implies. Then we can continue to put forth commonsense conservative solutions that work on the lowest level: the precinct level, the level at which all politics resonates, the personal level.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Anonymous said...

My name is Allan Filip and I am the county chair in Livingston. Send an email to Russ Spencer at and tell him to send me your contact info.


Bob Carr said...

Glad to hear from you Allan. I talked with a young man at your headquarters earlier. Nice to see you're staying open at least part time in this "off" time. We no longer have the luxury of an "off" time if we want to gain against the Liberals.
I posted a comment on the Suburbanvoice site.
I gave Russ my info. No secret on that account.
Bob Carr
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative