Thursday, December 11, 2008

Delusional Times, or REVOLUTIONARY ???

John Gapper of the Financial Times wrote the most convoluted piece I’ve had the oncoming headache to read in a long time
Of course I read Gaper’s article after I read the piece in by Robert Duncan called “The GOP Has Some Fight Left” so I already was feeling a bit lost in “Wonderland”.
Both writers are missing the point of their stories. Both seem to be conjuring up visions of why the obvious should be discounted for the complicated only they understand. Perhaps it is they who are obtuse and the public (readers and voters) who are being obtuse. In the best sense of the elites of the world let’s obfuscate the obvious from the obtuse.

I hope you think that was some silly writing. That was the point. The elites will always write in glowing terms littered with big words to try to confuse the reader and detract them from the obvious message.
Since given an alternative to Mass Media, the public has chosen the alternative be it Talk Radio or the Internet. They have chosen substance over style. They decided they want to decide what news is fit to read not someone else.
I agree that I’m not going to open a Baghdad office, I’ve been know to seek out blogs out of Baghdad and tend to trust their opinions more.
As far as Duncan and his vaunted NRCC……What can I say about the condescending clap trap that entirely misses the point??

When Duncan says ----- “the voters of Louisiana embraced the conservative values of fiscal responsibility, strengthened national security and increased domestic energy production” ------ or “Mr. Cao's commitment to preserve the dignity of public office by championing comprehensive ethics reform, keeping taxes low, and providing greater accountability for Congressional spending.” Man O Man.

It only goes to show the obvious. Duncan doesn’t have a clue. I sure didn’t hear much about the efforts of Cao and his volunteers, just about the NRCC and their new and better efforts. He seems only interested in buying new computer programs and trying to phone more people than they did last election. He seems to lack the concept that people voted for Anh Cao because he did what was anathema to the “Duncans” of the world.

Cao actually did some things in the district that made people take notice because the things Cao did were helping them. Just like Bobby Jindal, Cao made a real difference in the lives of people living in his area; and like Jindal the people voted them both into office, in spite of Duncan’s effort. I think he and the voters could care less about the talking points Duncan was making.

For Duncan to think otherwise is as delusional as bailing out The Big 3 or bailing out the Mass Media. If you think the Mass Media or at least the large newspapers don’t want to be bailed out, I think Mr. Gapper in his defense of the Elites having a right to spew their snobbery wrote the following.
My working assumption, in more ways than one, is that consolidation – or, more accurately, eradication – of local newspapers will strengthen the editorial position of the remaining elite: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Financial Times etc.
I also assume that this elite will find some way to cover its costs. Here’s hoping, anyway.
What better way to cover it’s cost (and rear end) than a bailout??
Perhaps I’m delusional, but then again it looks like we are going through a delusional time. I'm hoping that this is the last gasp of a bureaucratic system that doesn't work and will finally let the common sense of the people make some changes to it, WITHOUT starting a revolution to do it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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