Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dominos Anyone?

Chambliss and Jindal Together?
I noted along with every one else about the Chambliss victory as being the result of two things.
1. Obama wasn’t on the ballot and a lower voter turnout favored Chambliss.
2. The Conservative message won over the liberal message of proven failure.
While the first was obvious. The second could be argued.
Now off Drudge I pick up this from My Way
This seems to add some fuel to the thought that the conservative message works. Also the lack of the Obama effort to get out the vote played a part. Although as in the Chambliss victory, Obama did a telephone voice recording in another losing effort. Also the terrible deeds of Jefferson had to of played a large part.
What makes me comfortable in claiming the Conservative message was as big a part in Cao’s victory will be found in the following quote from the article.
“Greg Rigamer, a New Orleans political consultant, said his analysis showed turnout in predominantly white sections of the district was double that in black areas. He said that helped push Cao to victory over Jefferson, who became Louisiana's first black congressman since Reconstruction when he took office in 1991.
"This is quite a feat," Rigamer said of Cao's victory.
Granted the Obama effect wasn’t there, but something turned out the base “double” normal. I’m saying it was the message as much as anything.

The Jindal message (I’ll paraphrase in my own terms as I understand Bobby’s) Make Do Make It Now, Make It Work. In other words, get something done. Anyway Jindal appointed Cao and endorsed him. Cao won. That alone should be enough. The conservative message was there. All the negatives of Jefferson and Nobama of course helped but without the POSITIVE conservative message, Cao would of lost. That seems apparent.

Anh Cao’s story is one of such difficulty in pursuing happiness, few Americans need face anymore, but most remember being told by their forefathers similar struggles in achieving the American Dream.

Take a look also at this link to see the scope of what the Conservative common sense get it done message will do, will resonate if it is backed by actions equal to the rhetoric.
Well I’m curious not to see how the Media and the Dems will dismiss this I’m really interested in how our party big shots will join ranks and probably call it a fluke or something.
It it walks like a Ducks and quacks like a Duck, well I’m willing to call it what it is. A Republican landslide in Louisiana. A state headed by one of the “doers” of conservative deeds in America today.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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