Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hard Work Freedom Is

I recently read an article at Right Michigan
Seems like a group of Citizens in Traverse City got together with the city’s blessing to form a group to study the reasons why the City seemed to be paying an un proportional amount for infrastructure compared to surrounding areas they serviced.

My daughter plays disc golf professionally and Traverse City is a hot bed for this fledgling sport. I am also a conservative so when I saw the article I paid attention. When I read that an unpaid group of citizens was studying the policies of a City Government, well my adrenalin started pumping.

Jgillman of the same family of the author of the above article posted a link to the study in the comment section of the article. I thank him and I repost it here.

The study is long and I’ve just started to read it let alone study it.
When I first got into studying local politics and started peeking under the curtain (wizard of Oz style). I started to understand that policy is derived from the bureaucracy down. Most policy is simply a rubberstamp of the concerned division of government. Staff formulates a plan it is sent to the elected officials and it is usually accepted. On the face of it all is well. But keep in mind the budget allowance for the division involved is directly tied to what they do and how much they do. It is in their favor to do as much and ask for as much as they can. To expect other wise is to go against the natural law of survival.

Hence less Government the better.

Hence the vaccum that creates needs to be filled by citizens doing things on their own. It is as hard and as simple as saying no to government money and offers of help. They ask what do you want, then offer it free of charge with few strings attached. At least for now. Let me toot my horn now.

I am a big proponent of “Unpaid” citizen involvement. I get worried when I see a paid civilian security force being talked about. Being funded equal to the army. I know it sounds preposterous. But so did a lot of today’s realities 20 years ago. Not to mention 233 years ago.

The difference between paid and unpaid volunteers is the difference between freedom and dictatorship.

Many will say I stretch the analogy to thin when I say that accepting or not accepting stimulus money equals the same difference. By not accepting the money we are forcing ourselves to try to fix the problem ourselves. To assert the idea that we as citizens are capable of doing that better than the bureaucracy.

I know it is probably an urban legend, but I seem to have heard that a nation was founded on that idea.

When we are willing to do the work necessary to assure our freedom, that we then in the doing, begin to earn it. The Gillman’s in Traverse City have started to earn theirs. I will try to earn mine. I hope others will do likewise.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Ps. Can’t I talk anyone else in Musk. to go to the Lansing Tea Party? I still need a ride. Time is short. This Friday High Noon.

2 comments: said...

Bob, have you spoken with the Muskegon County GOP folks? Or the Muskegon Pundit? Holly Hughes?


live dangerously said...

Yes. We're on the same team. Talked with Holly at our last Lincoln Day about Steele and that I was happy she backed him. She did come to the last County Meeting. Mostly politicing. She is quite busy higher up the food chain.

I see the regular bunch quite often.

If you mean about doing our own study of Musk. gov.? then no at least not yet.

Why do you ask?