Sunday, March 22, 2009

Across the Pond

Lessons we can learn from over there.

In an article by Charles Moore in the, Mr. Moore explains how David Cameron needs to change to reflect the unexpected economic changes.
The Conservatives under David Cameron are winning on all fronts. If I was David I wouldn’t be too hasty to change my ways. As he does so well in the Parliamentary debates, he should let some anger based on principle come to the surface perhaps.

Barring a gross misstep however, he will be swept into power. The link above explains how the economy has changed and that the Conservatives will inherit a mess and will have to do the dirty work of straightening things out. Hence the authors opinion Cameron needs some anger. The article points out how one year ago the Conservatives thought their victory would put them at the head of a vibrant economy.

Now that the economy has changed, David Cameron is faced with the necessity of presenting a different face to the public. Mr. Moore talks of how Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady had an anger based upon her beliefs. Her values.
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“The Iron Lady who became famous for her boldness and fierceness was also capable of caution. As she geared up to fight her first election as party leader, she knew, just as Mr Cameron knows today, that her party would lose if people thought that it was divisive and selfish. Indeed, it was against selfishness – the wealth-destroying, job-destroying greed of organised labour – that she campaigned.”

Here is where we Conservatives in America can pick up some pointers. Thatcher brought herself closer to the public by showing “the wealth-destroying, job-destroying greed of organis(z)ed labour”

She believed it, the public believed her anger, she became Prime Minister. Her anger was seldom used and only when it spoke to what the public knew she believed in. They did too. We Republicans in America need that anger for what we believe. We need to point out how the Big Organized Labor Unions in this country have become more interested in themselves than the average worker. There are a majority of Americans now who do not feel sorry for the underpaid and undercompensated Union Auto worker.

Why should a graduate of a university making minimum wage with little or no benefits feel sorry for a GM worker and back his demands.

As the Liberals here picket the homes of the CEOs,
why aren’t we picketing the homes and resorts of the Union leaders.

Below check out the lavish extrvegence these union bosses are displaying as their "union brothers" get the boot. There should of been protesters there. I call this "Nice place to protest but I couldn't afford to be there." Be sure to watch the video.

The Unions have siphoned off the excess money from Detroit that would of allowed them the money to create a better product at a lower price and hire more people to do it. Just as it is right to not reward the CEOs that did their jobs badly in the banking industry. So too is it wrong to not punish the Unions that were responsible for the demise of the American Auto Industry.

Of the Bureaucracies in this nation, the leaders of the government unions, could use plenty of picketing and scrutiny also.

The civil rights of our children to a good education free from fear is something we need to protest about too and offer our solutions.

Our protests of the Bail outs are a good start. Liberals beware, the tide has turned in Europe; they have had more time to study and witness the failure of the Liberal ideas of Statism vs Individualism.

Anger; who me? Only on occasion now. The rest of the time I'll put a smile on it. As someone I once heard say, “you betcha”; so too will I. As I look around and see what has happened in this country to the spirit of our people. I find “you betcha” refreshing compared to what I feel like saying.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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