Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Above the Law

What on earth is wrong with the British.

Government officials, Department heads, and the Prime himself are in trouble over what? Why such an uproar over such minor things; a little fudging on their expense accounts. Such nonsense, these are bright upstanding Liberal leaders who in their heart have what is best for the poor downtrodden masses. That after all is the important thing. These people have leadership positions in the party of the people they should be allowed some perks. Besides,the Conservative party must be at fault, in America we would call it Swift Boating or smear tactics or hate speech, bordering on fear tactics.

See link below for a short list of some of the financial shenanigans by the British Liberal leaders.


The rule of law; what is that? The law after all is a living thing like the constitution, it can be changed. There need be no moral underpinning. We in America have learned that for the common good, laws we think are unfair can be changed and better yet just legally sidestepped or plain ignored. Rank has its privileges after all here in America. We have evolved to a higher plane in the colonies.

Take Jack Murtha, Anyone please! Bitta Bing, Bitta Bang, Bitta Boom.

Sorry for the ”wise guy” humor but I just got done listening to the whole ABSCAM video of Murtha saying how important he was, how careful he was doing “business”, how he sat on the ethics committee, how he could get anything done. He talked about waivers for environmental regulations, about how careful he was because he planned on spending another 20 years in Congress. Well he got his way, and then some. Anyway forgive me I kinda got in the Wise Guy mode. Forget about it.

-----link to ABSCAM Murtha tape-------

That was close to 30 years ago and Pelosi is trying to still cover for him, and herself too? Just think about it.

-----link to Flake------

This article is from May 14th. The article is all about the Democrat leadership threatening junior Democrat members not to vote for the Jeff Flake’s call for an ethics investigation into Jack Murtha.

-----quote from article------
“Don’t be a Flake.”

That was the subject line of an e-mail that staffers for first- and second-term Democrats received Tuesday from Rep. Chris Van Hollen, assistant to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The message said that Democrats would once again be “voting to table another Flake resolution” — and it made clear that leadership would have its eyes on any Democrats even thinking about defecting.

If you read the article, it shows that what caused the Leadership warnings to the Young Democrats was that the Flake call for an investigation was gaining votes from the Younger Dems. There were 29 Dems at last count voting for the investigation. Why would the Young Turk Dems be voting against their leadership? Below is another snippet from the article.

New Hampshire Rep. Paul Hodes — one of the first Democrats to back Flake’s resolutions — said more junior lawmakers are more inclined to support a beefed-up ethics committee and broader ethics reforms.

“Having not been in Congress a long time, it may be easier for the younger members, the more junior members, to push for these reforms than it may be for more established members,” he said this week.

Gee I wonder why?

I guess the Brits have a long way to go to really understand what it takes to be above the law. I guess they have a longer tradition to overcome. As our non profit grant writing industry would say, the Brits lack “sustainability” in their efforts; they need to work on their infrastructure to be able to sustain higher levels of legalized corruption. They have things to learn from their American cousins.

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