Monday, June 1, 2009

Regulation? You Betcha

Below is a link I got from Apackof2 who got it from Grassroots in Nebraska. BTW the Nebraska site is worth taking a look at; another group coming up with their own “Bottom Up” Approach. I read something about the difficulty in making an organization with the fewest rules possible and still function. The Constitution tried. They are trying. The effort is the key. The organization is the necessary evil. An evil to be ever vigil over.


Ronald Reagan is a young man in this and speaking out loud and hard about the evils of socialism. Back then he was saying what we are saying now except we lack the hardness. Socialized medicine is bad, socialized anything is bad. The great thing about this audio is that he actually states the tactics used by the socialists and how to fight it; how to fight the claim that conservatives are greedy and uncaring. The incrementalism employed by the liberals back then is glaring in hindsight.

I’ve blogged before about the need for enabling legislation, as Reagan called it the foot in the door approach. When the Liberals first come hat in hand crying about saving people and all they want is a few crumbs, and whine, why can’t we just do this or that small thing? Look out. Look back 50 years and see what that small thing has turned into.

I would like to pass some Conservative enabling legislation of my own. How about a law that punishes government agencies from spending more than they are budgeted? We should learn to pull at the heart and purse strings of the American people.

Should we not punish those in government who spend more or our tax money than we ask them too. Have they not been hired by us to be a careful Sheppard of our money? Should we not fire them if they are un-cautious with it? Could not that money be spent helping other needy people in ways of our own choosing not theirs?

If the County Health Department spends $5,000 dollars over budget, this enabling legislation would deduct $5,000 from next their budget next year. This legislation would also stipulate that an Agency could not get an increase in their budget for whatever purpose, unless it had at least one year clean of over spending. Think that might stir some cost cutting? Some efficiency studies?

That is a simple message we all understand. We are asking government to do what its citizens do day in and day out. We are the same people they are demanding more money from because they cannot control their greed. “We the People” struggle over which we want more and which we want less to do, everyday. Should our son OR our daughter get a new spring jacket? Which of our family needs to sacrifice for the family today? But we Americans don’t call it sacrifice, we call it helping out. We do this freely and take pride in it. It strengthens us. Isn’t it time for the government bureaucrat to learn from us?

Instead of greedily trying to shame us into giving them a higher standard of living; perhaps it is they who need to show some respect. Greed has become institutionalized, the status quo.

To fund this greed they turn around and accuse the citizens of being greedy because we don’t want to pay ever increasing taxes. It has gotten to the point now when our choice is not about spring jackets, but about winter coats, and how much more to go without so we can keep the heat up high enough to keep the pipes from freezing. Is this because Americans are getting greedier and greedier? Is this happening because “We the People” are losing our generosity? Or is it to line the pockets of T Bone and Algore?

Perhaps government needs to learn how to become less greedy, how to make do with what they have. Perhaps it is time for “We the People” to tell the government to make better use of the coats, jackets, food, and creature comforts that “We the People” go without so they won’t have to. We do not need new government programs to teach us how to better go without. We are not the ones who need the “schooling”! We need programs to show the government how to go without ---- OUR money. Our winter coats, our pursuit of happiness. Time to start regulating.

If they can’t control themselves, then “We the People” are becoming more than willing to set up our own set of regulations on the government. The enabling legislation above is the first step. It’s getting time for us to confiscate through regulations our own money.

I would like my kids when they’re 60 to look back and see how “We the People” incrementalized the hell out of bureaucracy, how we regulated them to death, and have them wonder why it took so long for their parents and grandparents to see the obvious.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Come to think of it there is one big regulation we could dust off. A piece of enabling legislation everyone almost has entirely forgot about. The U.S. Constitution.

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