Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ebb and Flow - Hell No

There is a slow but ever increasing groundswell of anti government, anti bureaucracy, anti being told what to do by idiots growing in the country.

Bobby Dylan in his Slow Train Coming album said "I'm gonna stop being influenced by fools". Me too!

Sure conservatives have thought this all along, like the tide it ebbs and flows. I just re-watched a movie from the 70’s called Network. The movie was famous for the quote “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”. The snippet below is about what he is mad about and it seems to ring true, if not more true today. The effect of TV on the public was and is awesome.


Thirty years later, we see a “Tea Party” movement that has as it’s common denominator an anger based upon how we have continually been losing our individual freedom to some ever growing faceless bureaucracy. We have seen that media as in Network, raise up out of nowhere a president who is accelerating this loss of freedom at an unconscionable rate.

People are doing what they do before they take action. They are “Getting Mad as Hell, and They Aren't Going to Take it Anymore”.

Ebb and flow – Thirty years ago? I look fondly back to that time, as compared to today.

The country is beginning to get Over Dosed on the constant wailing about all the evils in the world and what we must do to correct them; as the government workers drive their ever more expensive cars, and hire ever more minions under them retire earlier and get paid more as they recline in their ever opulent offices.

The government and all the bureaucracies that run it are becoming like that annoying computer generated robocall you get to help you lower your mortgage even though you don’t have one. Or the continuous pleas to save starving children. Don’t they understand you just lost your job. If I took to heart all the calls, I would have to re-mortgage my house and my children would be the starving ones.

Eb and flow hell. Sure this government intrusion into our lives ebbs and flows but think about it; after each cycle aren’t we losing more than we gain?

Picture yourself trapped in an upside down battleship. You have a foot of air left to breath and the water level is going up two inchces then back one, up 2 back 1, over and over. Do you think you would call that ebb and flow. Or say Oh My God the water is rising and I can’t stop it; I’m going to die?

That’s what I feel today in the people coming out to the Tea Party things. They see the ebb and flow, they are not stupid, they also see the continuing trend. They are mad, they can’t define it, can’t reduce it to a 10 second sound bite for TV, but they are afraid. That is the first step which is necessary before doing anything. When we are fearful, and frustrated by overwhelming odds, some of us simply and loudly reply
and brother I’m not talking ACORN here either. Simply stating the fact that it is time to dig in our heals and stand up.

I used to think the government was impossible to slow down, let alone change it’s direction. After all the media was solidly behind the creeping big government idea. Well may be not. Below is a link to an article about John Voight.


What surprised me was the following from the article.

-----snippet from article-----
Mr. Voight is also a general in the burgeoning army of Hollywood conservatives who intend to support America, and buff up the American image for its own people, and an audience abroad. The battalion includes actors Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Dennis Hopper and Pat Boone.

"The last time we all met, there were over a thousand people. Think about that. Hollywood conservatives, all of them different people, but all on the same path. It was very heartening," Mr. Voight recalled.

I started digging into conservatives in Hollywood. Well after googling a couple of hours, I found a lot of stuff. There is an underground of conservatives in Hollywood (Friends of Abe) that has been forming because they too are getting Mad as Hell. The group is meeting regularly, but under the radar. The people in this group fear losing their jobs if it were known that they believed other than PC stuff.
Some are coming out of the closet.

As I always say, “Live Dangerously Be A Conservative”. Some like Voight and Sinese are coming out. An infrastructure is forming. Breitbart and others are making it easier for a more conservative message to be heard in Hollywood. Networks like Fox are providing cover, now is the time for the people to step up for their beliefs.

I for one find it refreshing to see something in the media that is at least a little Politically Incorrect.

For once I may not be in the minority in my opinion. That's a nice feeling.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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