Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Real Republican Alternative

Another alert from the House Minority Leader (dare I say “Shadow Speaker”) John Boehner.


As I blogged previously


I like the way Leader Boehner has been working behind the scenes to actually come up with real alternative legislation to what is being put forth by the Liberals. How he was getting members together into groups to do that. This not only helps keep the Republican message focused it helps in keeping the members better informed and involved by actually doing something constructive. Well I had hoped that this would actually bear fruit. It has; sweet succulent fruit, something anyone can sink their teeth into and eat to their heart's content.

Also this kind of British “Shadow Government” helps the public understand that there are viable options to the legislation that the administration is peddling. Kudos to Mr Boehner and Mike Pence and the American Energy Solutions Group.

I called up the House Republican Conference and got this link to the actual act.


What a great job. Click on it. Click on all the links. This site is awesome. Mike Pence and the whole “American Energy Solutions Group” did a great job.

The text of the legislation is the real deal; the committee came up with videos, talking points, summaries and lots of other stuff. This is a great informational link. I’ll be going through this for some time. I’m a believer in this type of thing.

We in the new media have to help get the word out. I’m putting it on the blogs I do at the top of every side bar. This is a real and doable solution that costs less, and helps Americans; all Americans keep their money and afford energy costs.

From the “Leader Alert” in my previous blog came this quote about the Republicans coming up with an alternative to the Administrations Health Care. “Republicans believe there’s a better way. Led by Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), the Health Care Reform Solutions Group is crafting a plan that will make health care more accessible and affordable without raising taxes or undermining the health care Americans currently receive.”

There is not a web site yet for this new Health Care Reform Solutions Group but I hope Rep. Roy Blunt can do as well as Mike Pence.

I may be out in left field but this seems to be a good way to add credibility to the Republican Party. It shows as I’ve said; we have real solutions that work.

Leader Boehner KEEP IT UP !!

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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