Monday, August 31, 2009

If We Don’t Muck It Up

If We Don’t Muck It Up

Politico has an article today titled “Labor gears up for key governors races” by Alex Isenstadt, about the crucial gubernatorial elections coming up in Virginia and New Jersey and the massive effort the unions are going to pour into them on behalf of the struggling Democrat candidates.


This is a good update on those two races that I predict will be a harbinger of a Republican victory in 2010. See my previous post about this.


I’m not talking here about some donations from the state and local unions and a few union people marching in a parade. I’m talking massive support in the millions of dollars from the national union organizations. See the quote from the article below.

“There is a lot of attention being placed on these races,” said Larry Scanlon, political director for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. “I’ll tell you how big a deal they are: We’re already committing at least $2 million to New Jersey and have already spent $1 million in Virginia.”

The union bosses in the article mention that the governor is the employer of the government union workers, and they want to buy the guy they want and put him in office. The blatant-ness of this Democrat Big Union effort is pretty astounding. The arrogance with which they treat the common union member is also telling. In the New Jersey race which pits the incumbent governor (Democrat) Jon Corzine against, challenger (Republican) Chris Christie; the actual union members according to a poll in early August favor the Republican Christie over Corzine by a margin of 48%-30% in union households. I don’t think the AFL-CIO is holding elections with the New Jersey union members on who they want to back. Did I mention arrogance? Let me add the word disdain for the way they treat their members as well.

The rank and file are beginning to see that their best interests are no longer being served any better with Big Labor as they are by Big Business. In fact Business is in a better position to actually help them than Labor by providing jobs. Unions are the main motivators for jobs to leave the state.

The article points out that Virginia is a right to work state and only 4.1% of workers are in unions. The Virginia race pits Republican nominee Bob McDonnell against Democrat nominee Creigh Deeds.

Creigh Deeds the Democrat who is and will be receiving millions from Big Labor is trying to position himself as a centrist in favor of small business. I sure hope the small business people understand what’s at stake, and whether they want a Big Union bought Governor who is against Virginia being a right to work state.

Here is a link to a Rasmussen poll from Aug. 11th that shows McDonnell stretching his lead over Deeds. Also note the favorability of Deeds has slipped and McDonnell’s approval numbers have risen all in the last month. The article also points out that Obama’s numbers in the same time have slipped also. I also see that there is evidence that the Obama Liberal wave from 2008, like any wave when it hits the shore, it’s energy is spent and it starts to recede.


The question seems whether the voters have had enough and are willing to stand up to the inevitable bullying of the radical left and the unions. The other question is whether the Republican candidates and Party can fight back without becoming as one of them.

I plan on watching the poll numbers on these races pretty closely. I think the Obama administration and Harry Reid struggling in Arizona will be too. They both know that as one wave recedes it builds strength for another. This one will be a Republican wave if we let it, if we don’t get in it’s way – If we don’t Muck it up.

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