Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cat's Out Of the Bag

Below is a link to the Speech Chris Christie gave to the State Legislature of NJ.


This speech by the newly elected Conservative Republican Governor of New Jersey is a lodestone of what a real conservative can do as a leader and Governor. His legislature is Liberal, his cuts are deep, and politicos from both sides are probably running for cover.


And yet this conservative was elected in NJ to the head spot and is starting out exactly as he promised. He is going to balance the budget without raising taxes or cutting services. Yes he is going after the Unions especially in Education. I wish I could of seen the looks on the Democrat audience.

My state Michigan is in almost the same boat and we have to wait a year to elect a new Governor, I pray our new Governor will have the backbone of Christie especially in regards to the unions.

Transcript of Christie’s speech to NJ legislature.


This is the breath of fresh common sense scented air that like after a lightning storm has the scent of Conservatism in the air.

Man that guy is in for some heavy lifting. I hope the citizens who elected him will watch his back.

I wish him luck.

Yup the cat's out of the bag

You Can Cut Spending

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