Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Personal Hi-Tech

Ronald Kessler writing in Newmax 2/16 wrote a great article about how Scott Brown pulled off the upset of the year in Mass.


The article was written to elaborate how the use of the internet helped win Scott Brown “The Peoples Senate Seat”. As I read through it and tried to picture how it all actually worked, I was reminded of the miracles waiting within my own personal computer for me. ----- If only I knew how to open them up. lol

With the advent of smart phones and twitter, facebook, and texting etc. the possibilities are endless and to me and most; impossible to completely fathom. When Mr. Kessler was explaining the working of the Brown phone banking vs the old Democrat phone banking, I was frankly lost as to how and what was needed to make it all work.

Work it did, there seems no question as to that. The other thing that stuck out was that there were people waiting in line to volunteer at the phone banks!!!!! Amazing

The real essence of the article was that Kessler caught the excitement of the campaign and how it could take advantage rapidly of events on the ground. I was geeked just reading the article.

I’m in front of a computer 5-7 hours a day just blogging, emailing, networking and the like. It is surprising to me that I know so very little about the latest advancements.

But I’m learning the speed of networking made possible through the electronic media.

Still with all the tech stuff aside, it was the personal that started the wave and sustained it and pushed it crashing down obliterating Coakly. Politics remains personal, just the methods of saying hi have gone digital.

Ron Kessler astutely points out the clearest of any pundit what was involved in the Brown upset.

A number of forces came together to propel Scott Brown into the U.S. Senate: Brown was an appealing, tireless campaigner with a clear message. His opponent was weak. And Massachusetts voters, like so many across the country, are rejecting the left-wing agenda of President Obama and congressional Democrats.

All the rest was how the campaign got the message out better, clearer and above all faster than their opponent.

The lesson I took from the article was that the Republicans need more candidates like Brown with a clear message and then apply all the bestest technology to get volunteers to get the message out. I mean really, in 2008 I couldn’t get more than 5 volunteers to phone bank. Brown had them waiting in line for an hour to get the privilege. What got them there was Brown, his message and high tech messaging of the man and message.

The high tech stuff coupled with a good candidate with a good message spread to a pissed off electorate turned what two years ago would have been a ripple into a tsunami.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. I’ll have to check into that IT guy Robert Willington, hope he’s written a book.

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