Monday, February 1, 2010

The Deepest Cut of All

Bill Whittle on PJTV did a piece about iconology. The piece was about the brilliant use Obama's campaign made of the use of icons. The all too familiar O with the stuff inside. Whittle went on to show how he has carried this on into his presidency. {For the video of that see my side bar to the right and go five segments down to a box titled "O-What a Joke he Is".}

Mr. Whittle then made the case that Republicans need to rebut that with the same, and that is where he came up with the slogan below, derived from the LOL used on comnputers as shorthand for lots of laughs.

His point was that satire and humor are the best ways to take down an opponent without having to worrry about the issues. Ridicule in other words trumps debate.

After Sarah Palin was ridiculed on Saturday Night Live along with the MSM in general, further proof of the above was not needed.

The video above is a recent skit from SNL about Scott Brown's victory. Can you imagine if FOX did a skit like this? The Liberal Left would be screaming bloody murder.

This satire from the Left's MSM has to be the Deepest Cut of All.

This is a hoot.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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