Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She Is Paying Close Attention

This is the Sarah Palin I and millions of others fell in love with ---- gained respect for.


My paranoid fears of Sarah turning into another Beltway corrupted Olympia Snowe White were hopefully just that – paranoid. Sarah does throw a curve now and then as when she resigned the governorship and said she’d campaign for McCain. I had hoped these acts were motivated by the reasons she stated.

With the article above she helped bring me back. I want to believe the governorship thing was simple self preservation (she couldn’t do the job she was hired to do with all the media and legal harassment) and the McCain thing seems what it was on the face of it. She owed him.

With this hopefully she can start back on the track that she followed to get to where she was - being a voice of everyday Americans just wanting to live their lives free from Government intervention.

In my recent post I asked Sarah to pay close attention, looks like she has.

Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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