Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Mountain out of a Mole Hill

Making a Mountain out of a Mole Hill

Well I guess that is the definition of what volcanoes do. (LOL)

Well we had a doosey and on the ground the scientific experts are doing their best at making a mountain of trouble and fear out of a mole hill.

Trusting Our Experts ????

As we all know there was a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland and the Euro scientific experts came together and banned the airways to flight.

With experts, common sense never prevails.

The whole computer modeling method is as flawed as the human computers (the human brain) that enter the data. Take any idea or theory you want and with the right human computer imputing the right data into the brain that is sitting on his lap and you can prove or disprove anything.

The article below from the Financial Times – Brussels talks of the fear mongering made possible with the right data entry or enterer.


Talking of how these mistakes get made the article talks of how…..” many of the assumptions in the computer models were not backed by scientific evidence.”

This sounds all too familiar. The whole email thing about global warming and shoddy data entry. Seems a lot of computer models have been imputed with assumptions based on Political Correctness instead of straight fact.

If I entered into a computer model the main assumption that jet engines do not run well when submerged in water, it would be easy to allow the parameters to be loose enough to ban all flights in rainy weather if there was a driving PC mentality against rain or wet planes.

Bad analogy but all of us have seen these flawed predictions over the years. Aspirin is good for you – oops now it is bad.

Now I must add another thing highly paid bureaucratic experts are good at and that is feathering their own nests.


Not to mention the monies the likes of Al Gore have raked in with flawed computer model. Hockey anyone.

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