Monday, April 21, 2008


The major overlooked problem with 527s.
-----The 527 comes from the IRS designation for tax exempt status. (The reform of campaign finance severely limited individual contributions.) The idea was to stop wealthy people from exerting an undue influence upon elections. The whole idea of campaign reform is to stop the encroachment of special interests. The 527’s offers an alternative place for these large political donors and groups to place their money to influence the political process. And influence they will from both sides of the isle this year. Funding according to an article in Newsmax (May 2008) by John Mercurio may hit the 1 Billion dollar mark for this upcoming general election.
-----So what’s wrong, it seems that both sides are doing it and neither side will have too much of an advantage? Well I think the problem is more simple and basic than that. More important. The individual has (regardless of race religion or financial situation) one and only equal right compared to anybody else in regards to determining the outcome of an election. That is the power of their vote. Hang in with me here. In Government we only have one representative. The person we vote for. The President, Congressman on down. Those few are the only people we have any control over in the vast trillion dollar government run by millions of people. What these 527 represents is another way of further removing our ability to influence the political process in favor of those large political groups and very wealthy individuals.
------Let me explain. The 527s when they do a hatchet job on a candidate they do not have to say that this hatchet job was paid for and endorsed by any candidate. In fact and this is the really scary part the candidate doesn’t even have to overview or approve of the ad. May not even know it’s coming out. For example a really dirty swipe is taken at a candidate from a 527 ad, the media jumps all over it. The ensuing media circus lasts weeks with accusations flying. Both candidates spend a lot of time and effort upon the accusation and counter accusations. When the accusation was made but not by the candidate. The reverse is true also that a candidate could get the group or big donor to make the accusation then hide behind the fact that he or she didn’t authorize the ad. Either way we the voter seem to be getting further back in the influence line. Plus the candidate can now be manipulated by yet another and larger group of influence peddlers.
-----What’s the answer? Like so many problems we face there seems not to be any, without stopping the freedom of others. There is no answer within the existing framework of the problem. Change the framework. Below is a paragraph from an article by John Stossel from monthly Newsmax mentioned above.
The title of his article. “Thwarting the Influence Peddlers”
===“There is one way to rid the political system of this sort of corruption: Severely restrict government power as the Founding Fathers intended. Only when we eliminate the state’s ability to meddle in business will business stop meddling in government.”
The new framework being smaller= way smaller government=less power in the government=less money it has to give out=less desire on the part of special interest to get it.
Regards, Live Dangerously

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