Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Promises--Promises--Promises .
-----Below a letter from house Republicans to the Democratic leadership of the house wondering when they will put forth the “common sense” proposal they said they had in 2006. BTW it’s 2008 they won. WHERE’S THE BEEF!!!!!
Heard Hillary talk about doing something about high gas prices and in a wink aimed at Obama said she would actually do something not just talk about it. Guess what Hillary and Obama your side claimed they would do something and not talk about it if elected to the majority in the house and they were and they didn’t.
-----Seems like McCain did put forth a lot of ideas in the form of legislation, not talk about it. Scroll down and see what he has been part of in the Senate just in April alone. Wonder how much of this the Pelosi bunch will let see the light of day. I noticed or lacked noticing the media lauding McCain and his efforts while he was still politicking. Pretty good for an old man I‘d say.
He is fighting hard to keep his promises that he made this month. Not waiting to get elected but from the Senate floor. I was happy to see in the link above that he endorses the Citizens Against Government Waste. I donate to and support that Organization and I have for well over a year now. McCain has also been a leader in anti pork legislation. He promises to do everything in his power to abolish the practice. Another promise he’s trying to keep thru actions not just talk.
-----link-----his promises.
Gee there are two other Senators out there making a lot more and bigger promises about what they hope to do. Wonder what there record is in the Senate in April?
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