Sunday, April 6, 2008

C O N D I ********C O N D I ********* C O N D I

Take a look at Drudge in my links. The rumor is that Condi is actively seeking the VP spot with McCain. What a wonderful world we live in. Hi Drama, who needs Movies. I didn't think this election could get any better. Wow was I wrong. Here's a matchup for you how about McCain and Condi vs Obama and Hillary? Holy flying precinct captains Batman ZOOOOOWWWWEEEE
below is the link to the story but check out Drudge for the nice picture.
I guess dreams can come true
Regards Live Dangerously


Crack'd Writers said...

No condi, don't wish that on me!

live dangerously said...

Lost my post or at least I hope so. I don't want to appear dumb lol. Anyway some say tomato and some say tomato ???? Well guess that experession isn't made for print. Hey if you want to see a guy that is really politically incorrect here is a link
If you can force yourself to read it all the way thru you'll see a guy who wasn't afraid to "live Dangerously"

Regards Live dangerously

Crack'd Writers said...

rut row danger man. you've been called out on the comical forum. LOL

tread gently LOL