Saturday, April 12, 2008

English the Official National Language????

The House and Senate each have a bill pending about just that.
Web site Washington watch, for house bill 5759
Same site for Senate bill 2715
The house bill is in the Education and Labor committer. I Emailed Rep. Hoekstra from our district about the bill, as he is a member of that committee, will let you know what he says.
English as the National language is a plank in Newt Gingrich’s “The Platform of the American People” In his book “Real Change” he states 87% of the American people are in favor of English as the National language.
--------link below-------
---------Link below for the polls from which he drew his data---------
I personally don’t think it has much of a chance. The President, and the 3 leading candidates for his office are all against it.
I am in favor of it.
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