Sunday, April 13, 2008



We Conservatives embrace the environment in our own Conservative way.
Consider Newt’s recent sit down with Nancy Pelosi. Haven’t found a link to it yet, but it will probably be at the site below when it happens, or I flat out missed If anyone has it please let me know. This is the Sharpton and Robertson sit down. The same program by Algore that Newt and Pelosi are on. The ad is not very long, as they probably don’t have much else to talk about. LOL but hey it’s a start.
There has been all sort of gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair and just plain disagreement over Newt doing the ad. It’s strange enough with Pelosi, but sponsored by Algore? Well I like the idea of working with the opposition as long as we don’t sell our core beliefs down the road. I’m sure the libs are thinking the same thing. This however could be a start in a real dialogue if we can leave the rhetoric behind. If anyone can IMO Newt can. After all, a reasoned debate is what the Constitution was established to facilitate. Newt wrote a book with Terry L. Maple called “A Contract With the Earth” written BTW last year, which explains it pretty well. Also Newt set up a web site about it, below is the link.
As I posted previously, I ordered a copy from Amazon and just got it. Need time to read it.
About the connection between the Constitution and the 2 opposing “visions” that created the checks and balances that it has see my post on the book “Conflict of Visions”
We as Conservatives always have to be careful that when we “compromise” with the libs that we don’t end up selling out and get the short end of the stick. There are plenty of instances when well meaning compromises have resulted in real harm to us. We have made efforts in the past to determine our role in environmental matters but to date haven’t been successful in shaping the debate. Below is a link to something from 12 years ago. It makes sense, but without action accomplishes nothing.
I’m hoping that if enough of us get off our butts and become active, we can start to shape the debate. Now Newt’s plan is the only one I see around. Time to get out of theory and into practice. Hopefully I can follow my own advice.
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