Saturday, April 12, 2008


Found this site about film reviews prejudiced with a conservative eye as opposed to all the other’s and their prejudices.
I am putting it in with my other list of links.
Couple of Questions.
1. Does anyone have a similar link to Conservative BOOK reviews.
2. I don’t get HBO. Does anyone have an opinion on the mini series “John Adams“. Is it true to the Federalist papers, for example.
Found this link on you tube - really funny. I can’t help but think of hoe people, me included, tend to view change.
Hey Detroit won another one that’s two. Starting to look like a team again. What about Inge and Clete. I for one am glad they got a chance to play. Out of the big deal trades only Cabrera (SP) seems to be working out but he can hardly run the bases. But he is getting on them lol that’s a good thing no?
Regards, Live Dangerously

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