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These “shell games” are just politics. These games are played by all. Just business as usual, nothing wrong you say? You're welcome to your opinion. I've posted some links below for your perusal. Well tomorrow I'll say what I think is wrong about the process. The part of the game that I’m blogging about today is the first part. Step one of the process to get the agenda started. The introduction if you will, which only glimpses the end result of the agenda being pushed. This part just sets up the framework of and players who will be pushing the agenda. It will state in flowery terms the wonderful goal for which it claims t6o have found a pathway, usually at a reasonable expense, if expense is even mentioned at all. Below are links to “Comparative Worth” or “Fair Pay” legislation in the Mi. and US legislature respectively.
Comparable Worth enabling Mi. legislation
the “Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,” enabling on the National level.
The agenda behind Michigan HB4627 is pretty transparent as Rightmichigan points out by who is to be on this deciding board. Below is a snippet I found from the NOW website, which I will link after the snippet.
“The Michigan House Democrats decided to celebrate
Equal Pay Day on April 24 with press conferences in 5 cities
to announce the introduction of 3 pay equity bills, HB 4625-
4627. Michigan NOW leadership were speakers at several
of the events. Representative Joan Bauer (D-Lansing) is the
sponsor of the lead bill that amends the Elliott-Larsen Civil
Rights Act to prohibit an employer from failing or refusing to
provide compensation equally for work of comparable value
in terms of the composite skill, responsibility, effort, education
or training, and working conditions because of religion,
race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight or marital
status. HB 4627 sets up a Pay Equity Commission - Michigan
NOW would be a statutory member! These bills have been
introduced for the last 22 years and gotten through the House
just once. The bills passed the House Labor Committee and
await floor action. “
-----link for above-----
Notice all the similarities in the wording ect between the Michigan and the National legislation.
-----Found this yesterday.
Link to May 4, 2008 article about forming a group to set "Reasonable Profits Board".
Asks the simple question of what is unreasonable about the oil profits and shows some facts.
The Oil companies are already being taxed The amount may surprise. The link below is an excellent source as to those profits.
Hillary uses the justification that the extra tax money would be used for alternative energy research or some such noble cause. Not mentioned was the amount of money Oil is putting into alternative energy already. Maybe to pay the taxes on their profits they will have to stop their efforts into alternative energies. Below is 1.5 Billion being invested by one Oil company.
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