Friday, May 9, 2008


One morning a few years ago during a long winter in which I was barely working and my funds along with my spirit were nearly spent. I decided that I needed a change. Some inspiration. Gas prices then were not a factor and I had a little car. I decided to see the State where Jessie Ventura an independent was Governor. To me he represented Freedom. Maybe I thought the air would smell different there I don’t know, I just knew that I needed some inspiration.
------I jumped into my little car (my old car), took all the money I had and headed out. I only stopped long enough for gas until I got to my destination, It was a little town on the border of Canada. The name escapes me. But as I was later watching the movie Fargo I remember passing through some of the towns in that movie. It took over 24 hours of straight driving to get there. What a beautiful and hard drive thru the UP and thru Duluth. Beautiful of course not counting the blizzard I had to creep thru all night. I stopped at a motel in that little town and paid for a nights lodging. The cheapest place in town. Next day I ate breakfast at the only place in town, the waitress asked if I was in town for the fishing contest. I said no. I walked outside. Funny thing the air smelled the same, but the food tasted better, although that was probably because someone else cooked it whereas to save money I rarely eat out or go to fast foods. It was a treat for me.
------Well if you weren’t born there, (or had a fishing pole) there wasn’t anything to do, so I left. Headed south then east then back to the northern route as I wanted to see the bigger cities. A real Lewis and Clark except without the Clark and regrettably without any form of Sacajawea. By the time I was half way thru the UP I was deep into night and another blizzard. By the time I crossed the bridge we had a foot of snow and it keep on coming. As I crossed the bridge a strange site was before me. The expressway on my side was completely free of cars and there weren’t even any tracks in the snow. A pristine panorama. It was as if I was the only preson left alive. I kept driving. The bottom of my car was brushing the top of the snow. I didn’t dare stop for fear of getting stuck. The only thing I had to guide me were the little poles with the reflectors on them on the sides of the road. I saw signs for exits but couldn’t actually make the actual pathway out, and figured I’d end in a ditch if I tried, so I kept driving. Believe me I didn’t have to worry about falling asleep. Finally the sun started coming up and the storm slowed and as I passed the exits I began to see an occasional snow plow in the little cities starting to did out. With the sun and break in the storm combined with the knowledge that people were around I took a chance and pulled myself thru an exit. I was happy to reach civilization! I stopped and had my second treat another breakfast. I took my time. Even lingered and bought more food, a side of sausage and toast. By the time I left one lane of the Xpress way was cleared and soon enough both lanes. Finally I was home. I took a deep breath. The air smelled different. Gee maybe I brought something back from Minnesota and the redoubtable Jessie. Maybe it was because after being cooped up most of the winter and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to do something about it (anything no matter how strange). Maybe it was because I found myself up against something new and threatening and had only myself to rely on, and I did.
------Maybe it wasn’t the air after all, just that my nose was all plugged up with victim hood. Then again maybe it was just someone else doing the cooking.
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hat tip to "Minnesota Democrats Exposed"
ps. As proof of how independent Minnesota is, the Democrats aren't called Democrats, They are DFL (Democratic Farmers and Labor Party) Sounds straight out Old USSR to me.

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