Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So you really want ammunition to bitch about government with. Well Jack Hoogendyk and Mike Cox are trying to keep you well supplied. Lol.
In the above link Mike Cox talked about the “Track Your Taxes Bill” (HB5137) introduced by Jack Hoogendyk 220 days ago which is still stuck in committee. Mike Cox said that the reason it shouldn’t be stuck is that
"This is not a partisan issue; it's a good government issue,"
To lead by example Mike has set up his Attorney General’s office with just such a website for his office. Albeit in outline form.
-----This is what Newt Gingrich talked about after the ’94’ elections, Upon taking over the Speaker of the House Chair. Newt talked about transparency in government and what he wanted to accomplish.
“Our goal is total ‘transparency’ of House operations for the public. They should see everything as close to real time as possible. There should be no secrets from the public.”
-----Some great changes came from that effort but not total transparency. As the above article pointed out several states are thinking about or already doing that. Secretary General Cox mentioned “The Freedom of Information Act” and “The Open Meetings Act”, as precursors to totally open “transparent” government.
-----I wish him and Jack Hoogendyk luck on their efforts. The status quo is hard to change.
-----Below is a link to the Bill itself and the status in the State House.
Like I said the status quo is hard to change. First enough of the people who will benefit (citizens, taxpayers or not) have to get vocal and involved. We need to show how change can happen. The listening stage for us is over. It’s obvious that we the people are fed up with ever increasing government and ever decreasing bang for the buck. The time for action is present. The party that truly steps up to that plate will be rewarded. Newt recently sent out this warning to Republicans.
We can use this to pressure government to become smaller and more efficient.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
This just off of Drudge. Hope some (John McCain) take heed of what Newt is saying.

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