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Imagine a newly elected Governor (who happens to be the youngest ever governor) from a state that is reeling from the effects of both Katrina and FEMA . Imagine that kid standing up and recalling the opposition controlled congress back into emergency session. The imagine that same governor pushing for and getting passed one of the strongest financial disclosure bills in the country. Last week there were mass resignations from state boards and commissions. Imagine the angst boiling under the surface at this young man. I Imagine I’m starting to like this guy.

Imagine, he has only been in office 6 months. He not only did the above but he did the below. He has cut taxes 6 times, personal taxes. He got rid of the department of Labor, in it’s place guaranteeing employers that the learning institutions will train them and if not they will be retrained for free.

Imagine then that he doubled the number of charter schools, also at the same time creating 10 million in scholarships for 1500 poor children to be able to have a choice in their school. I Imagine this young man fits into my “Can Do” “Make Do, Make it Now, Make It Work” ideas. I Imagine he is writing a whole chapter in that book. A better chapter. A better analogy would be he is building a new wing on the house a better wing; as this young man is more about “doing” than he is about writing (blogging) or talking about it.

Then in his free time he Imagined that by creating “The Health Care Consumers Right to Know Act”
That transparency would for the first time in Health Care be available to the residents of that state. Then what he Imagined he made come to be.

Oh I almost forgot he vetoed 9 million in Pork barrel stuff. Imagine what the financial world thinks of them apples. Well they’re buying. The Bond rating for the state has gone up 3 times. Imagine that.

Well you no longer have to imagine. The above governor is real his name is Bobby Jindal from Louisiana. He has been touted as a possible VP for John McCain. I have mixed opinions on that. I tend to think I would rather he stay doing what he’s doing and maybe run for President in 4 or 8 years. Just Imagine what he could do in a full term or 2 as governor. On the other hand I wish some of his ideas and energy could rub off on Senator McCain. Either way in any event, I imagine this young leader would flourish, and the people he served would be the better for it.

I admit that I lifted all of this except the last paragraph from a Newt Gingrich Newsletter. Not word for word, but pretty much all the thought and facts. I tried to post a link but can't because it is an email. I can't find it on Newt's site either. But my rendition of it is pretty close. If you want a copy I'll email you one. My email is
I also admit to really liking Bobby Jindal. I wrote a couple other blogs about him.
In the above link I see I posted 4 times in the past, (Imagine that) if you scroll to the last post it will be in the order I wrote them and you’ll see my growing thought about Bobby Jindal.

My thanks go to Newt as always for being a beacon for those of us trying to find our way in these turbulent times.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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If I could pick a VP right now it'd be this guy. Big fan.


live dangerously said...

Jindal sure seems like a can do type. We could use him in Michigan. We seem to have a nice bunch to choose from Pawlenty, to Romney. The next pres. primary will be wicked.
Regards LD