Friday, July 11, 2008

Pass It Now, Pass It As It Is, Compromise Later

Again I can’t help but like Tim Walberg’s leadership on the energy issue, below is from yesterday.
-----Tim’s Bolg------
The no more excuses legislation was what I’ve called the first volley in the House battle over energy. There is a “discharge petition” in the House to force this energy bill out of committee and onto the House floor for an actual vote. Needs 218 votes, Tim has come up with 153 so far. This will probably not come about because the “Big Shots” are negotiating now. Harry Reid the head obstacle is even sounding like he is feeling the heat and may be open to compromise. Other Democrats are caving in by varying degrees.

Below is a link from Politico I lifted.
The Democrats are trying to stall as always, stick their heads in the sand, blame it on somebody else. It’s not their fault, they’re only the majority party in control of the House and Senate. What do the people expect them to do. --- Something??

Catskill (D-MO) and Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill) are harping back to the idea that the oil companies should drill on the land they already have leased that they can’t find oil on, before they consider other places. Like it really matters where it comes from.
I quote him from the article. “Beyond that, if there is a suggestion of some new area to go into, I’ll look at it.” Boy that is really big of him. Hope he can find the time in between fund raisers at Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. How condescending can you get. This sure is the party of Change. Well maybe Change any real Change into the same old same old.

Again I quote the article from a Greenpeace spokesman.
“The bottom line is, politicians who are trying to sell offshore drilling as a quick fix are not looking at the core of the problem — years of failed energy policy,” said Greenpeace senior legislative coordinator Kate Smolski.
He obviously fails to comprehend that the “years of failed energy policy” are the fault of groups like his in their self righteous closed mindedness to compromise. Their fanaticism. Well the people do and they are being forced to become a little fanatic in return and as they start stretching their muscles the public is remembering how nice that brand of freedom feels.

Now it is up to the Republican leaders in the House and Senate. If they could both come together and unite they would have the power needed. What I don’t want to see is this energy bill get watered down. A little here and a little there and we will no doubt fulfill the Democrat prophesy of little change at the pump. The country needs a complete energy effort as Tim Walberg alluded to. An all out effort like the Manhattan project or the Man on the Moon effort.

In my opinion the Republicans are in the right place at the right time to force an energy independence type of bill through. They have to hold their hand and not give in and keep putting the Democrats feet to the fire. It would be nice to see McCain really get behind this. But either way the voters are definitely behind it. All I can say to Boehner and McConnell is: Fight Like Your Country’s Life Depends On It. Because it does.

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