Tuesday, March 31, 2009

11:20 am. NY 20th update

Some background of recent stuff on the race in the 20th NY.

From the Huffington Post.

You can actually listen to the call at the above site.
Below is a transcript, of the call.

"I'm calling to ask you to join me in supporting Jim Tedisco for congress this Tuesday March 31," reads the script. "This congressional race could come down to a few hundred votes and yours could be the difference between victory and defeat. Jim Tedisco's victory will ensure that we have a voice in Congress that will stand up to Nancy Pelosi, and all her plans to hike taxes and spending by trillions of dollars. Please join me, Rudy Giuliani, in support Jim Tedisco this Tuesday."

I hope Rudy will be a big part in getting the independents and thinkers to the polls, or not we will see.

Below a link giving a glimpse into the Tedisco campaign and how hard they are working.


Below a link to Ben Smith’s blog


For those of us who like to see the glass half full, take note of the highlighted paragraph in the above link. The importance of these off year elections is important. In my home state of Michigan, we have a state senate seat up for a switch to Red from Blue in the 19th Senate district. This too could be a harbinger of our erasing our previous election demons and a chance to take Michigan back.

If you're interested, please see previous post for other Tedisco election stuff.

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