Monday, March 30, 2009

A Drunken State

I had a vision of Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the Titanic yelling full speed ahead as her juggernaut and unsinkable coalition started brushing against some ice bergs. To her, sitting on top of her perch in the captain’s chair they must look like little things compared to the stature of her mighty ship.

As she charged full speed ahead she must have wondered why those pesky little things kept interfering with her progress. She must wonder why some of her own crew was trying to change the course she had set. Didn’t they see that glittering goal she was struggling to achieve? Didn’t they know her ship was invulnerable? Didn’t they know it was for their own good?

I will finish this analogy by making another. Pelosi may self emulate her role as that of Heroine of the good ship Titanic; but her actions speak volumes to another role. A role in which intoxication plays a part; Pelosi’s role is beginning to remind me more of the captain of the Valdez than the captain of the Titanic.

Whether drunk with alcohol or power, both seem to have a diminished capacity to guide their ship according to the direction reality demands.

Whether it be an Oil Tanker or Ship of State, the signs seem obvious to more and more of the crew that the ship is headed for danger. The bells are ringing and nobody upstairs is listening. I too however must bring this post back to reality. The following link from Politico points out an instance of this ignorance of reality in an attempt by Pelosi to charge “full steam ahead”.


The article chronicles Congressman Jeff Flake’s attempt to get a congressional ethics investigation of Rep Murtha. The FBI is already neck deep into it. The alleged other half of the crime has left the building and the lobbying group that allegedly did the deed has shut down. But as the following quote shows, some of the crew of the good ship Pelosi (who is trying to shut the investigation down) has started to defect. Have started to call the ice bergs for what they are; a danger to ethical fabric of the ship of state.

-----quote from article-----
House Democrats built their new majority in large part by running hard against the “culture of corruption” in Washington. The Flake resolutions — coupled with revelations about Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) — have given Republicans a chance to regain some footing on the issue.

The important thing to note is that the majority of the defections as the article points out, are jumping ship because of their principles: because of the campaign promises they made. Not only the youngsters, but some of the more seasoned salts are taking notice of the real danger of the icebergs. That danger lies in the latent energy within the icebergs that lies just under the water.

The crew knows that latent power for what it is; it is that which had swept them into office. That power is the “common sense” of the American voting public. That reflection of reality we call “common sense” is telling the people that the government has gone too fast and too far. “Common Sense” is not the tip of the Iceberg, but the power that lies underneath.

The people are waking up to the fact that their leaders should steer a safer course. This ship they steer belongs to the people that elected them. While it may sound heroic to Pelosi and crew to yell “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes”, this really isn’t war and the ship isn’t full or soldiers.

The Tea Parties past and future are an echo of this dissatisfaction.

The people understand this is not a war we are fighting. They are beginning to understand that all these catastrophic warnings coming out about worldwide disasters from all fronts seem to remind them less of “The British are coming” and more of the boy who cried wolf.

Big Money whether it be Private or Government seems to have all the power. That is until election time when they are held responsible for their actions. The people can one by one and easily with a pull of a lever or with the use of a #2 pencil voice their protests and sweep the Looney Left or the Whacko Right drunk with power out on their butts. While the past has proven that once in power the new regime may drink too much of that intoxicant; the alternatives are far more deadly. We, by voting our conscience have the chance to vote in a group that will hopefully at least for awhile try to stay sober.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Republican

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