Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amatuer Hour

Inside the liberal Democrat party and outside it, cracks are getting bigger. Inside this country and across the pond, the futility and harmful effects of the stimulus are being made apparent. The European leaders who have had far more experience with failed liberal programs, are saying enough is enough. Whether they are saying this out of concern for their country or concern for their jobs, public opinion has taken on a alarming shift to conservative thought in the EU. Alarming at least in Gordon Brown’s opinion.

Gordon Brown is a perfect example of the effects of this shift. He is under attack for trying to emulate the Obama, Pelosi Reid plan. He came to America looking for support and help and the “amateurish” Obama administration and its lack of leadership vs. politically correct rhetoric, then went on display for the world to see as they treated Brown to second class treatment on his State visit here lately. The people that get the work of the politicians done are the bureaucrats their opinion of the team Obama has put together can be found in the following link.

This following quote from the article above.

It also emerged that Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, was struggling to organise the summit. Britain’s most senior civil servant claimed it was hard to find anyone to speak to at the US Treasury. Sir Gus O’Donnell, cabinet secretary, blamed the “absolute madness” of the US system where a new administration had to hire new officials from scratch, leaving a decision-making vacuum.
“There is nobody there. You cannot believe how difficult it is,” he told a conference of civil servants.
I previously blogged about Greman leader Merkel and how she is fighting the idea of borrowing more money and getting into more debt to fund a larger stimulus. She is holding firm, she was the first big time Leader to draw the line in the sand over this continuously expanding stimulus thing.

Ironically the article talks about PM Brown being enthusiastic about a second stimulus as opposed to Germany’s (Merkel’s) no more debt ideas.

Mr Brown is more enthusiastic about a possible second stimulus package, and his government is placing less emphasis than Germany on the need for a prompt return to balanced budgets once economic recovery is under way"

Mr. Brown Is not deaf nor dumb; I’m sure he is listening to the Conservative drumbeat of no more debt, especially as it is being echoed by a growing majority of voters in England. As I blogged before; England’s George Osbourne the Shadow Minister of the Exchequer was going to give an in your face Conservative speech. He did.

-----snippet from my blog----------------------------
It was through this “shadow” system that today shadow chancellor George Osborne will make some astonishingly un politically correct remarks'
This is some good old school conservative stuff baby. While we in America are debating between how much free money it takes to screw in an economy, Osborne in England will be saying things like “People are going to have to "work hard and save hard" if Britain is to get out of the recession”
How about this quote?
{{{"Our banking system is not separate from our economy, it is a reflection of it. Our banks hold a mirror up to the worst excesses of our society," he will say. "And the unsustainable debts in our banks are a reflection of unsustainable debts in our households, our companies and our Government."
How’s this?
The 'money for nothing' society has to end. The age of irresponsibility is over."
George Osborne will give this speech later today or tomorrow because as I write this it is 9:30pm Thurs. And in England it is Friday already and this news is less than an hour old. Some one got a transcript of the speech.}}}}
-------end of snippet-------------------------------------------

Now for inside this country and its opinion of the new administration and its dealings.

The above article written by Camille Paglia, a liberal no less than in Salon. Though she still refuses to fault Obama but lays all the blame at the feet of staffers and others. I guess once you’re conditioned to play the “it’s not our fault” game as much as they played the “it’s all Bush’s fault” game. Any other name will do. At least when Bush made a policy he admitted to it, and didn’t go around blaming everybody else.

In Chicago Obama avoided voting (taking a stand) by voting present. Now better yet as President he doesn’t have to vote even present. He doesn’t even have a vote. He can just talk and talk and throw everybody else under the bus.

Look out taxpayers here comes da bus.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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